Here are Some pictures of my art

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let me know what you think of my paintings I haven't shown a lot of these to anyone. If you would like to resteem i would greatly appreciate it.484585_442088359168600_802069479_n.jpg903963_10151367814917817_2124263139_o.jpg969534_10151481532962817_2130594697_n.jpg994854_10151575884372817_1747117126_n.jpg1001526_951352161203_114711759_n.jpg8806_10151472711147817_899362375_n.jpg19123_10151252119742817_1453288278_n.jpg166005_10151448059552817_1685005722_n.jpg199783_10150110474397052_2007023_n.jpg


I hope you know you can still make money by selling them here rather than posting them for free?

With your permission sir can I take some and try to auction it?