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Have you ever heard about felting?


First things first.

I have been testing Ono in its beta version, and although it still has flaws, it seems to me a very promising platform. A few days ago I published some of these photos right there, but I think only a few of them saw them and from the comments I received, I have not been able to answer a single one. And I feel very sorry to seem like I do not answer.

Well. This is life.


Back to the question.

Have you ever heard about felting?

Well, not me, until a few days ago when I found something on Instagram that capture my eye and I had to investigate what it was about. Instantly I fell in love with the texture possibilities reachable and start to search for several hours with what, how and where to get the materials. Unfortunately in Mexico there were not many options and as always with pleasure, as a good disciple of MacGyver (the old one) I had to improvise.

It is suppossed that felting is done with wool, because of the characteristics of the fibers, which has some small scales and allows them to be fixed against each other. But with the right tools you can also use cotton and some synthetic fibers.
I also learned that felt is the oldest technique of creating fabrics. And that can be done wet or with needles, under relatively simple processes. Also that you can reuse the fibers many times so the felts are completely recyclables.

This is my first attempt. It requires zen patience and once you have achieved the proper concentration you can recite some mantras while your hand moves repeating the same movement over and over and over again. Since during the process you can not get distracted or watch TV because you'll get some holes in your finger, it becomes a complete exercise in introspection.

In the end learned many things, quickly find what not to do to not get a deadly wound and I'm eager to give the felting another try.

Does anyone have tried with some other fiber?











With felting love






I've heard about it, never done it though. Looks really cool, like the steemit coin :)

I felt like a money maker. Lol
Give it a try. Is a lot of fun.

muy buen trabajo hermano saludos y apoyo de un latino.

Se agradece. Se agradece.
Latinos somos y en el camino andamos.

Hey mr-monk! I included you in my weekly curation Ocean of Art!

Oh!! Thank you. Let's see

Great post! I'm amazed at how quickly you have learned and produced a stunning first project. That rabbit is so good!

Oh! Thanks @artemisnorth.
I guess sculpture and modeling skills are half the way for this art. But there is so much to learn for sure!

It's really very cool you were able to get to grips with this so quickly. @artemisnorth shared on PTPT.

Hey @damianjayclay, maybe was beginners luck. Let's see what tomorrow brings!
Sorry, what is PTPT?

Pimp Your Post Thursday, a show on the Discord Steemit Ramble. It's a community get together/radio show, hosted by @shadowspub. Worth popping along and checking out.

What a great honor then.
and thanks @artemisnorth and @shadowspub ;)

Hola amigo. Aquí en Venezuela hace muchos años se usaba bastante el fieltro para hacer adornos como el que hiciste. De hecho en la escuela las maestras nos enseñaban a usarlo.
Felicitaciones!!!!! te quedó bello el conejo

Si, también llegué a construir títeres, adornos y muñecos cosiendo y hasta pegando el fieltro con silicon. Pero ésta tecnica no usa pegamentos ni hilos y las formas son moldeadas y unidas unas a otras tan solo por los multiples pinchazos de las agujas.

Very cool technique!

I am interested in Ono, was there some reason you could not reply to comments? ¿Qué pasó?

Al parecer Ono tiene a la comunidad de China en unos servidores y los internacionales en otros diferentes, entonces hay problemas para poder sincronizar ambas. Si por casualidad cuando intentas conectarte, entras a uno de los servidores de la red china, todo funciona de maravilla. Aunque todo lo que lees está en chino. Cual es tu ID para buscarte.

No he probado todavía Ono pero lo he escuchado varias veces como que de pronto re-emplazaría a steem. Tiendo a no creerlo, pero nunca lo habia explorado ni nada, gracias por la explicación amigo!

wow te quedo genial, la textura es impresionante, parece un muñeco hecho por un profesional.

SOY un profesional!!! Jaja. No de esto pero si soy un profesional. :P

When I saw it, I felt like feeding it a carrot until I realized it was not real 😆
Well done! I've got to take notes here because my kids would have a blast doing this! Thanks for sharing @mr-monk

and I felt that you were someone I should follow. I can't wait to see your kids projects!
Cheers from Mexico!

que lindo te quedo de verdad bendigo tu creatividad

Para que vean que no solo veo TV! jajaja

I can't believe that this is your first attempt - amazing!! He is SO CUTE! I'm definitely going to have a try at this sometime- though I'm not reknowned for my patience!

@felt.buzz check this little guy out :)
E x
@tipu tip this post

Thanks @eveningart!
Give it a try. It’s an interesting technique .

I will- thanks! I've got a week off of work in August so, I might have a play with it them :)

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Oh! Thank you @c-squared.
I really appreciate that!

Increíble!!! No había escuchado de esa fibra pero de que lo sí, me acuerdo es como hacer títeres con calcetines , era muy divertido.
Me gusta ese conejo ¿tiene nombre?

Esperemos ver un día alguno de esos títeres, Maestro.
Es el conejo Rabito. Por supuesto 😌

Por supuesto que los verás, me acabas de dar la idea de enseñarle a mi hijo a hacer uno, aunque el prefiere toda la tecnológia,sería un buen legado, para que nunca mueran los títeres de calcetines jajaja. Y ese Rabito es muy fotogénico.

Y no dejes de compartirlos!

The bunny is adorable! Lovely work, definitely! 💚
Thanks to @artemisnorth for sharing this post with me!

thanks @thekittygirl and thanks again @artemisnorth ;)

This is adorable! And firstly I found your wonderful post thanks to our lovely @juliakponsford who is so good at bringing we creative types together.

I have done felting. I have sadly given away all my needles, foam, wool, etc to a crafting friend, as I just did not have time any longer. I did once incorporate fur from my cat in one of my creations. I know many people keep angora rabbits and use their wool as well and I have seen dog hair used.

It is a fun craft, but I remember sore pin pricked fingers :)

Thanks @donnadavis!
Yesterday I've just found your work, looking at the artzone tags. And I loved it!

Of Course @juliakponsford greatly enhances this beautiful community. She is definitely one of my favorite steemians.

My dogs are not furry. Maybe I should run behind some dogs and see if there is one that wants to donate some fibers ;)

Hello @mr-monk, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!

thank you @creativecrypto :)
steem on!

It turned out really cool! I love this technique and your post makes me want to try it even more haha. Great post!