Are you an artist waiting to be whitelisted? Please read!

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Hello artists!

We are currently up to 84 verified artists which is amazing! Many more of you are still stuck on the waiting list and I would like to offer a few tips on how to expedite your application.

Join the discord

Since we are still in alpha you may need help or want to give feedback and discord is the easiest way to do that quickly and efficiently. We are not whitelisting anyone who doesn't join the discord at this time.

Fill out your profile before applying

Please fill out the profile section and click update profile before applying or else it will show up blank on my end.

Blank applications will be denied

Check your DMs/mentions on the socials you have submitted!

Each artist who gets approved right now will have a verified badge once those roll out, so I am verifying via tweet/private message that your hive account matches with another social media account.

There are currently many pending applications because I have reached out and not heard back. At some point I will have to time these out and ask you to reapply to keep things manageable!

Give as much information as possible

I am having a difficult time approving some people as they are providing me with blogs/ socials that have no art. If I can not verify that you even make art I will not be whitelisting you. If you feel you have an exception contact me in discord!

Be an artist

This one seems obvious but I have had applications from people who don't seem to be artists, or want to start making art now. Sorry but I will not approve you currently, please start making a portfolio/posting your art on your blog and reapply when you have something to show!

We want people who are passionate about making art to be the first ones to get access, not people who think they can make a quick buck by becoming an artist!

Note for photographers

There will be a photography specific site for NFTs soon, I have approved several photographers so far who do photo manipulation that crosses over well into the art realm, but in this case I suggest contacting us in the discord if your portfolio doesn't make this obvious. Otherwise I suggest waiting for the photography specific site to launch :)

Artist guide and FAQ

I have updated the artist guide to reflect updates that have been rolled out since it was first published, if you haven't read it please do as it has lots of info about the whitelisting and tokenization process: NFT Showroom artist guide

Thank you all for your interest and as always feel free to ask us any clarifications you need in the comments or in the discord (see links below)!

Visit the site and browse art:

You can follow us on Twitter:
or Instagram:

For any questions or support please visit us in discord NFT Showroom discord



@maurelias this is perfect for you

Thanks for putting this out! I have been thinking about signing up all week and participating in #nftshowroom I was one of the launch partners with MakersPlace and i failed to launch mostly due to my ignorance of crypto and blockchain tech. Looking forward to making some art and applying for the whitelist! Going to listen to We Melt Together today and make an old thing new again! *i forgot to mention... I am super excited to see something similar on HIVE! *

Awesome your drawing style is really cool, please do apply! also awwwww CUTE!

Thanks 'Deer' hahahah for taking the time to check out my art. I will most definitely apply and join the discord groups too. Looking forward to listening to We Melt Together while i work on this next thing. You will see why once i get it going. I heard the bell sound in the first few seconds of the first song and was like.... "YEP!" I haven't listened to anymore yet just for this project! Thanks for all you do and have been doing for so long.

hey, i want to let you know of a new #joinhive video marketing contest:
I'm tagging you because you are one of the few people on hive to have onboarded more than ten people and I wanted to thank you for doing that. :)

This is a fantastic opportunity for people to share their art... 😀👍