Undiscovered Gems on NFT Showroom / Edition #17

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Authored by @isaria

The age of art does not determine it's value, here are some hidden gems that were minted long ago that deserve another look <3

Fairy Slayer

Creator: @vachemorte

Total Edition(s): 1

In the center of the mystical White Forest reside many types of magical fairies. The elder trees, growing tired of their tricks, created the fairy slayer with their magic powers out of dead tree branches and trunks. The fairies are cautious to not get caught inadvertently by him in their moments of leisure. This is made easier by the wood crackling noises that the fairy slayer makes in his uncoordinated movements. This is a limited edition MP4 with original music crafted with care by Vache Morte, exclusively distributed on NFT Showroom.

Dark Faerie

Creator: @bryanpolitte

Total Edition(s): 10

Thought it would be fun to create a faerie. I've never made one before so it was fun approaching it in my own way. I did this in graphite and colored it digitally.

Transmission from Mu

Creator: @normandress

Total Edition(s): 3

Video version of the work in collaboration with Bárbara Bezina "Codes of Mu". Mp4 91.6 MB


Creator: @erangvee

Total Edition(s): 3

Everyday, he chooses the lesser of both evils. | 1500 x 1750 px, 300 DPI | Unlockable 3000 x 3500 px, 300 DPI.

Beach - Original

Creator: @tymmesyde

Total Edition(s): 3

Seems like someone is stuck ...

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