Coming back to blogging, and Introducing OkIn my NFT Exclusive Handle.

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Hey everyone,
It's been way too long but I'm back around :D I had to simplify my life for personal reasons. In short I was burnng out and took a step back.

Good news is I never stopped making art and being creative. So have a big art blast at the bottom of this post :D

Also thanks to @kristyglas for pointing me back to hive and peakd recently, the last time I was in the blogging space. Was before the steemit takeover.

Anyways I started a new handle for the NFT art space, where I'm creating some new NFT and crypto focused artwork. I may also tokenise some of my old artwork I've shared with many of you over the years. Would love any support ❤️

My work is currently available on Rarible and opensea, under the handle Okin

Okin on Rarible
Okin on opensea

I'm in the midst of being verified on a few platforms, you all don't need that here since I have a blog history full of art and making of posts. I can't wait for verification to be honest, really just increases visibility ten fold.

Here's some of my new works.

workInPogressDragon A new dragon work in progress.

Well that's enough from me for now :D
Thanks for reading folks.
Niko3d aka Okin

P.s I will super appreciate it if you can follow me on any of these platforms. Rarible, Twitter and Instagram