Drawing and Coloring CONTEST - Winner Announcement

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Results are in for the Drawing and Coloring Contest held throughout this past week.

Some excellent entries have been submitted with a great variety of topics - humorous ones, some collaboration pieces, steem-related posts, some raising awareness to the issues in our society, and quite a few related to the Venezuelan crisis taking place as you read. All are worth a visit and your support. If you wish to see them, I have resteemed them on my blog.


Here's what I was looking for:

  • incorporate a motto/catchphrase/title to the drawing
  • you are free to take out or add any elements you wish (if you wish to change the coin to something else for example, something that has more meaning to you, then by all means, be my guest)
  • you must draw the rest of the body of the lady in the back (only the head appears)
  • provide a small description with your drawing (explain your title, give details of the process, explain the medium used and/or why you added/took away certain elements...)

The contestants were judged on the criteria of ARTISTIC MERIT (composition, color, overall success of the piece integrating aesthetics with concept), POST QUALITY (formatting, detailed explanation, relevance of the message conveyed, title, effort) and INNOVATION in their approach to the drawing.


1rst place: @itachi24j - 5 SBD


2nd place: @gailbelga -3 SBD


3rd place: @donnadavisart - 2 SBD


And since we loved all your entries but unfortunately couldn't reward all of you, we decided to reward 2 extra contestants as Honorable Mentions:

It's a tie between @orangina and @horty, who have both won 1SBD!

Congratulations to all winners! You'll be receiving your rewards shortly.

A very special THANK YOU to the judges: @natureofbeing, @immarojas, and @abh12345 who have provided much help and guidance with their observations, as well as their kind donations to the winners.

All SBD's made on the previous post + 5SBD from @abh12345 will be donated to A Walk Of Hope project by @steemph


Our steemian friend @flabbergast-art and his team in the Philippines are about to embark on a journey: a walk through the towns and villages of Visayas and Mindanao, doing what they love best, teaching Music and Arts to the underprivileged.

target population in this tour will be of elementary kids, high school students, inmates, special education kids and out of school youth. There are also talks of reaching out to the teachers and do Music and Arts workshops if it can be arranged.
click here for further info

A big thank you to all contestants and voters for participating and helping to raise money for A Walk of Hope.


First image courtesy of Pixabay

Don't hesitate to leave comments, ask questions, and share your ideas - I love to hear from all of you.

To view some of my previous posts, click on the links below:

“Learning is not a race for information, it is a walk of discovery” - Jane Healy

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Congratulations to all winners and thank you to all of our participants and judges and mostly to our @osm0sis, you're great-grandpa must be very proud of you. Bisous cherie!

Bisous a toi Imma 😍. I look forward to following the Walk of Hope project. You guys are amazing!

Well done winners, a very high standard for sure!

Where do we send our donations to?

Thank you so much Asher..donations can be sent to @steemph and specify in the memo on which project it is for☺
Join the walk of hope if ever you will be in the Philippines. Fresh chilled buko juice for you..my treat😍😍

Woohoo :D

Maybe at the end of the European summer!

Cool..can you pitch in Steemit?😍😁😍

Your donations can be sent to the @steemph account, with a memo explaining that the donation is to help A Walk of Hope project. Thanks Asher for all your awesome help :)

Ok done :D

Thanks @osm0sis for making the contest!

Congratulations to: @gailbelga @donnadavisart @orangina and @horty

The others entries, overcoat of Venezuela, they illustrate all the hardships that we have to spend: those who STAY and those who plan to LEAVE :´)

"Los que se quedan, los que se van, algún día volverán..."

Let us know how we can help Venezuela, if there is anything at all we can do... Maybe if there are some charities being set up on Steemit we could look into that.
Cheers @itach24j and well done on winning the contest!

Hi @osm0sis,
have a look at #venezuelaobservatory and join the comment sections.
You could also write a #venezuelaobservatory article, or more then one, yourself and donate the generated steem to the project.

Congrats to you itachi24j! and all the other winners!

Thank you very much! I love having participated in this contest, I adore when they promote art, congratulations to all who participate

Oh yay, I won third place! Wonderful. I really entered to get a chance to draw into your grandfather's history, This was a fun one!

Well deserved Donna! We all loved your entry.

Cheers to all of you who entered, this was VERY hard to choose from since there were so many great ones!

@osm0sis, I loved this contest, it was so innovative and I appreciate how it connected your family history with present day blockchain tech through the timeless act of line and color and storytelling. I enjoyed the experience thoroughly.

You're right Ruth, choosing the winners really wasn't as easy as I thought it would be.
I also liked the direction the contestants took with their ideas. A great honour for my great-grandfather - an activist who fought for human rights and enjoyed pondering on the human condition.

Thank you @osm0sis! This contest was great and I am ecstatic to get an honorable mention.

You deserved it. Your entry made us all laugh :)

And thanks to the judges too! @natureofbeing, @immarojas, and @abh12345

felicitaciones a todos por concursar

Congratulations to all the winners.. you deserved it guys.. thank you @osm0sis for allowing me to join your awesome contest.. GOD BLESS US ALL

Thank you so much for the kind words @jezmacher.

Lovely lady with lovely colours good thinking nice

Congratulations to all the winner.. Goodluck @flabbergast-art..

Good one.. Congratulations to the winners... Keep it up

I admire your contributions to art and art.
I really liked the perfect competition and the results of the competition!
thank you my dear friend.

Thank you @artizm. Happy you like this competition. Hopefully next time you can participate 😊

I definitely attend the next round!
I am very sorry that I can not agree with this

I appreciate you to share something good with us. all the arts are good. But I specially like more 1st. Thanks a lot @osm0sis

Thank by,

Thank you :)

@osm0sis I'm a new steenian and I missed this contest. I hope I can join next time. Thank you.

Hi and welcome @i-karlll!
I hope so too. Will try to put another one together soon :)