Customizing my own Sketchbook! (Part 2)

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Customizing my own Sketchbook! (Part 2)

24 hours later...... Read many cussing and toe stubbings later! (lmao)
Just kidding, this was a wonderful project to do! And I love the end result!


Gosh, I posed for this picture! I took the time to fix my hair and slam some make up on mah face! Trust me, I can be such a slug at times! I am just not always a girly girl! I just love walking around like a I dunno, a unicorn dressed up like a sunflower on speed? Whatever, I just love to be nude! Make up wise, I do wear clothes, often, sometimes... Maybe!

This is how I left it yesterday!


So, I woke up and made coffee and wanted to read the news but instead I planted my round ass behind my desk and started to draw right away! I still had sleep in my eyes and before I even sipped my coffee, I already made the yellow bunny and mouse!


I already knew that I wanted the mouse upside down when I started yesterday but because that looked wacky I added an extra bird who holds the mouse up on it's tail! When problem, bite tail! Problem fixed! This morning I also got a bunch of new Posca markers! Yaaaayyy, Now I can be a happy broke person again! I was smart enough to order orange this time! I always had to mix yellow and red together for the birds and it never became the orange I wanted! You can mix Posca pens but mehhh, It's not that pretty and you have to do it quick, when the paint is still very wet!


Wow a very bad close up!

Snap! I need to take a few lessons in how to take pictures with my old phone! Grrrr but, sharing it anyways because it's part of the progress! Not everything goes perfect and that is totally amazing! UGH!


Dots and more dotssss!

To make the cover even more happy, I added a bunch of dots in all kinds of colors! It was hard to stop! But at a certain point you have to! So, I took a nice break and made more coffee because of coffee! DUH!!! Oh, and I also ate a sandwich or two, okay three! While doing that I watched a episode of the walking dead and confused myself by taking a power nap! 20 minutes later, I was awake again and weirdly enough full of energy! Damn naps! I wanna be tired all the time!


As mentioned before, this morning I got new markers and one of them is white! I seriously have no clue why I did not order that one before! How can you work without a white one? No clue, I managed somehow... But, I wanted to use it, abuse it and sniff it! So, white curlies on the dots! I also took some time to re-do all the eyes I already did with a white gelpen.

Guesssss what????

What? I also ordered 3 notebooks to customize! One of them might be on a GIVE_AWAY soon! Even more reasons to follow me around!

Do you like the sketchbook? Do you want to try this as well? Tell me all about it in the replies down below!


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I liked very much how you solved the problem and did something impressive, i really liked the colors, the colors and the composition.