Portraits Series step by step 1/12

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First of all, a cordial greeting to the whole stemian community

After a prolonged absence I come to show you the product of my latest work, which deals with a series of illustrated portraits for a group of people that is being promoted as a political grid for the next Electoral Period of the Venezuelan Canarian Home located in Caracas - Venezuela.

In each post I will show the process of one of the portraits until I get to show the twelve that complete the series, and here is the first one!

The reference

This is Mr. Javier Rolo, who heads the group, former partner and collaborator of the HCV.

Photograph taken by Víctor Piñango

The Sketch

All the illustrations were made by hand, like the sketches; for this I used simply pencil and paper.



For the coloring I used colored pencils with different tones to generate some volumetry and three-dimensionality as well as to capture every detail of the character in question, finally the outlined I did with a black fine point marker.



The digitized illustration, with some adjustments in brightness and contrasts, remained that way; and the original illustration was delivered to each portrayed, all very happy with the result!


Photograph courtesy of Gaudy Contreras

I hope you liked this job; If so, do not forget to leave your vote!!!

See you in the next Post.