More drawings from the last Witchtober/Inktober

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It's been a while since my last post, so I'll start right away with some drawings.
Last year I had also taken part in the Inktober, but with the small change to Witchtober, with a witch based prompt list.

I already showed 2 drawings in my last posts (3 months ago cough),so here are more drawings =)

inktober 33.jpginktober 35.jpg
Witchtober day 3: Herbs & Flowers, it's a kind of harvest witch

inktober 42.jpginktober 44.jpg
Witchtober day 4: Steampunk

inktober 56.jpginktober 55.jpg
Witchtober day 5: Mask
Witches how they used to be seen (mask) and witches today.
It took me a while to finish this because it turned out all too dark and not as planned. But with all those highlights at the end it worked out. Sometimes even if something works not as planned it's worth it to finish it off.

I hope you liked these drawings

I will try to post on a more regular basis, but being a freelance artist takes a lot of time :/

See you in my next post


The witch has gobsmacked me with those eyes. The illustrations don't need color to appreciate the details going into the all the textures and layers. Loving the new one the most. She is a lot like Demeter the Greek goddess of harvest.

Thank you so much. Drawings also have a completely different feeling when they are only drawn in black.
She is definitely a bit like Demeter, with the toga and the harvest.

Stunning images, i hope you will find more time to post:)

I will try my best (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و

these are really cool. Witchtober sounds like it had a lot more fun prompts than Inktober main prompts (which I kind of half assed participated in this past year). Maybe I will go witchy route this year. Really like the monacle witch with familiar and also the ugly mask / beautiful witch is cool concept. These are all really well executed, love your line work! Cheers

You really have to try it next time, I liked it so much more than the normal prompt list from last year (and I also didn't like the one before either haha)
And thank you very much for your kind words :)

Nice work with the highlight integration.

Thank you :)

Thank you for being a part of the INCOME entertainment Fund, where builders are sought and supported!


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