As random as thatk

in #art2 years ago (edited)

as random as fuck - as strange as I can be, I don't know
What I might post next.
ripe post
As random as thatk
If I fired up my rape and wrote a post using my stylus, and then didn't
fix all the typos but added any of my picture that caught any eye just because


What would it look like?
I'm aiming for total space
cadet - can I do this?

Norma's not going to like this but nobody will see it anyway so who gives a fuck?

Gonna get out my weed and bake goods.
The thing about this
experiment is to have no idea
What the post is about.


Well I sort of do. It's about
having no idea
And then illustrates that concept with lots of pictures, while getting progressively more baked


That is how things have always been done
throughout history

Ifee l lack randomness, and aspire to look at this post tommorow and ask - what the fuck was Ion?



Perfect , for i have no idea what this post is about , and not a clue why i was entertained , but somehow i was . ;-)

this is the best music for creating art to - nothing else will do right now

watch this turned up loud as fuck

do it now you will have a good time