Meet The Borgs. Day 2

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The Borg



The series starts with a guy that has to many hats and does not know which one to pick. He is a man of fashion and he loves it.
After we reached out for a statement he said "I am after hats. My only goal is to be the King of hats. That is all."
We don't know what he means. He surely know that hats are not commodities...

The Lazy Borg


This Borg is just about naps and weekends. He gets nothing done, but does he care? No, not the slightest. you shouldn't either.
Unfortunately we couldn't reach him for any kind of statement, probably was sleeping, again.

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A good serie! Waiting for continue!

I have some updates and already finished several other projects.
Feel free to participate. I have some assets for gifs at my latest post and all that fancy!

really cool work!!

BTW you should check out some of the communities in ocd's incubation program. i think you would find some interesting communities to subscribe to and post in. Onchainart is a community related to art.

Hey thank you for the info. I will check it out and will also follow you as I do appreciate people going out of their way to give me tips!!
peace man