Stylized Hive banner and token logo (cyrcle) by skapaneas.

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I wanted to update my banner for hive mostly but since I launched Photoshop I decided to play with the logo. Not much to do quite frankly whoever did the concept did an amazing job spotted some minor mistakes at the circle vectors but nah really nobody is going to notice them I love the font as well so I just stylised it a notch to get a more 3d effect out of it Did a subtle change guess if anyone will notice it, and called it a day.

Feel free to grab them if you want.
I might try out some different colour variations if you are interested in anything in particular leave me a comment.
Have a good night.

Those are for any of you who want to use them since I made them already feel free to grab them

Detail for the banner with white background. (Do you want it with transparency for your dark modes? just ask)



small hive token stylized. 50x50 png with transparency.


If you want to check how the implementation actually looks like visit my profile @skapaneas.

Have a good one.


Are these free to plagiarize steal, er... use...?
Nice .

Yes mate. feel free to grab them and use them as you wish. They are created based on the existing logos repository I found on

They look great! Thank-you!!

I am glad you like them. Thanks for the support <3

I can use the logo, icons and / or banners citing the source.

They are very pretty.

Thank you.