Taking a Doodle into the 3rd Dimension - 3D Scorpion [art][creativity]

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- From Doodle to 3D -

Today I took another of my pencil doodles and decided to make it look better. In fact, I tried to go one step further and tried to make it look 3D. In order to get the full effect, your Steemit Background should be white or Day time mode. I tried making a JPEG image for both Day and Night mode but it didn't come out right and I finally ran out of steam (hehehe pun intended).

I simply took a cell phone picture of the drawing and uploaded to my computer. From there I edited the image in a very old version of Adobe Photoshop using a mouse. I am getting the hang of using a mouse to do the editing so it is not too bad. I am also learning, or rather remembering to work in layers and to use filtering layers as well. I decided to make a Gif for you guys as well, in order to see the process. If I would have done the GIF myself, it would have come out better, but I was too lazy to make the GIF myself and used a Gif creating website instead. The Gif help visualize the process better. I also included the failed attempt at making the night version of the 3D scorpion JPEG image.

GIF made by MakeaGif.com

My failed attempt at a Night version of this image

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A beautiful scorpion, I think you did well. My favorite zodiac sign is Scorpio :)

It's a nice drawing hun. I like the pencil drawing the most Because they are pure art.
Looks like the scorpion wants to shake hands with me . LoL

Waooo I'm super good I made one yesterday, in 3D I like this kind of art greetings 😍

you have done it beautifully and easily with the help of device for your art, gradually it appears very nice, you are talented and technically advanced.

amazing 3-D art is most difficult art type i guess and you did quite good congrats buddy :)

Oh yeah @streetstyle, I did not know that you are keen on drawing and all the features of the picture are ideal for the image of your Norgrous!

I'm into gifs, I think yours came out cool but try making it a bit bigger next time:) Nice job!

That's actually look amazing great work on it perfection at its best i have to say that :D

What a nice drawing. I fall in love with it. My zodiac sign is Scorpio. So, I have special thanks to you.

Wow! So cool! Its fun to enjoy @streetstyle !

A beautiful drawing, my friend, I always like scorpions and here can see all the subtleties of the outline of a scorpion! Thank you @streetstyle

yeah.......this is outstanding ctreartivity..............great sketch.
just love it

resteem done

Your pencil has magic in it mate, fabulously done!

fabulous one.
Very nice i like it

You are getting better, I think you do not have to stop, you will eventually reach perfection.

Wooww very impressive this beautiful art, you are very professional, greetings.

These colors, the art and the image of their paintings show one thing that you are really a very great talent

3rd Dimension - 3D Scorpion [art][creativity] you do great sir @streetstyle.You may a good artist.
Thanks for sharing.Best regards from sujonxr.

I resteem sir

Good creativity! In next generation everything in 3D everything is digital world

Good morning sir.
Really amazing art and drawing.
I appreciate your creativity..
I am your post upvote and resteemit done.

Very artistic! You paint with amazing imagination and abilities.

Most welcome sir
Congratulations sir for your new post.
Amazing art. I like it..... best of luck

I like it your art and drawing.
I appreciate creativity...
I am upvote and resteemit done

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Excelente, amigo,@streetstyle.

I don't have enough words to describe the beauty of these arts!!
Best of luck.
just a perfect art!!

A beautiful drawing, my friend and your warrior turned out to be very realistic for the defender! Thank you @streetstyle

You very beautifully drew a powerful dwarf. I'm not an artist. But I liked it.

Hello, what a wonderful art, congratulations, excellent work, very professional.

looking good!
i liked

This looks more like a sketch mean to say a real picture, this is great art..

A beautiful drawing and I believe that it is quite suitable for the official map! Thank you @streetstyle

Wow, congratulations is a professional like this drawing friend.

I think the idea was a success :) he seems to come out of the picture :))

This art about passes the limits of the drawing
I love the 3D drawings very much, it looks great, it seems to come out of the sheet and come alive
This scorpion left you super
Congratulations @streetstyle