Tom Hanks Sketch [ORIGINAL ART]

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Hi, friends! How are you?

You know who he is - the one of the greatest actors of this time ...Tom Hanks!
_Inferno, A Hologram for the King, Bridge of Spies, Cloud Atlas, The Da Vinci Code, Forrest Gump and others... - every film with him is absolutely great!

So Im introduce to you my art:

Hope you like it! Please, leave your comments...

Here is art in progress:

3-4 hours of work. Sketch as always I drew by only two pencils (KOH-I-NOOR HARDMUTH 1500 2B and 2H).

Thanks for all who enter into my post. Good luck for all of you, guys, and sorry for my English.

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Really wonderful line work creating a very detailed looking sketch of Tom. Thank you for sharing this.

Excellent work, especially on the eyes! Thank you for sharing this.


thank you, @areynolds!

I love pencil drawing! Well done!

@kus-knee (The Old Dog)

I love it too :)