Old friend

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Good evening!
This is my cat, Simon. Kind, loving, and very old.
There are seven cats and two dogs in my house. Every once in a while they were all in my posts, but Simon was less fortunate.
And today's post is dedicated to him.

The drawing was made by me on a graphic tablet.

In this view, you can read his entire difficult life.
This animal is 1001 bad luck. Sick, lame, with three teeth, who survived a coma and a lot of various troubles, but did not lose his cat dignity.

He is always ready to snuggle and warm you in your own bed, will strictly monitor the amount of food eaten. He'll take the extra for your own good. Arrange a fun concert with beautiful songs under an open window, do not get bored.

It's all him.... My favorite and very old friend!

A couple of years ago, I showed this photo. Here, Simon is still young and happy with himself!
I want it to be like this always!
Don't get old and be always there!

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