Selling my first tokenized art on the NFT Showroom!

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I do a lot of "artsy" things, but I'm not sure I'd call myself an artist.

I consider myself more of an "all-purpose creative", and enjoy expressing my self in a plethora of ways. When it comes to visual art, my forte is calligraphy, but I've played around with image manipulation software like Photoshop and GIMP for over half my life. I tend to keep most of it to myself, and like to use my writing as a public expression, but with the rise of the NFT Showroom I feel encouraged to showcase some of the things I've created!


hive dividers02.png

The first one I created is called 'Monkuki'


This image is a manipulation of a photograph taken of a tribal mask I recently bought. The mask itself is really crazy looking, and 'Monkuki' is definitely something I could see myself encountering on a bad trip if I still have it around my house the next time I partake...

When I first created this NFT, I created 13 editions, and I intended to do the same with all of my NFTs, sort of making that "my thing", and keeping the 13th edition for my personal collection. After second guessing that initial decision, I opted to make this first NFT rare, and burnt editions 2-13. The first edition is all that remains.

hive dividers02.png

This next one I call 'Hustle Hard'


This piece is dedicated to the amazing group of people over at @HiveHustlers with whom I've been spending most of my time since returning to the blockchain. This one has 20 editions. I realize that's probably a lot, but I wanted to give more than just a few people the option of owning this one.

I decided to gift the first edition of this NFT to @nullgh0st as a show of gratitude for the amazing group he has started, and the daily work he's putting in to get we entrepreneurs as much attention on the chain as possible.

Any money that comes in from this NFT will be used to purchase our communities HUSTLER Token that I regularly give away for both my ongoing post challenge to onboard new members, and as a means of instantly rewarding great authors within our community.

hive dividers02.png

I plan to start tokenizing some of my calligraphy and word art pretty soon!

I have a ton of "word art" that I've created over the years. Some of it is on canvas, some on just paper, and some is digital. I have a love for words. Not just their meanings but their aesthetics as well. I love how letters flow together, and how language itself is an art form all its own.

What do you think about the art I created? Let me know in the comments below, and as always, thanks for reading!


Awesome job on these, I really like that NFTShowroom has given artists (such as yourself) a venue for your DIGITAL work and a way to monetize it.

I'm also incredibly appreciative of you gifting me the 1st edition of the #HustleHard NFT - super awesome, and actually has me curious about building up a collection of artwork now! 😁

(I know I said I was taking a break, but I couldn't resist coming back on to browse the chain more - I swear, Hive has me absolutely ADDICTED! ahhaa).

Dude, I know the feeling. I got utterly addicted to STEEM back in the day... It's a blessing and a curse at the same time.

These are awesome! Def going to check them out on the showroom!

Thanks 😀

I've got a few more up my sleeve for the near future as well.

I hope that life has been good yo, I am moving soon. Maybe I. Need some of your wet on my walls.. how's everything been for you and yours?


It's been WAY too long, man! Took about a year and a half away from being so active on the chain for mental health reasons, but I just recently got back, and I'm better than ever! If you're on discord, you should come chill with us over at HiveHustlers and see some of the cool shit we're working on for the betterment of our humble chain.

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How come I never get @Holybread upvotes even though I play and post? RUDE -_-

What's your rank when you click over to your profile page?


Was 125 at one point, but still never received a single vote from them. Lame.

I believe you have to be in the top 100

Laaaaame. Gonna sell my hero when the cooldown ends in 1.5 days

There have been many posts on this.
The reward bot votes if you are on the the Leaderboard.
You are only eligible for the leaderboard if you battle, a time lapse of 72 hours battling makes you inactive in on Leaderboard.

The reward bot pulls the leaderboard every 12 hours. When your last post was written on Hive you were not active on the leaderboard so were not voted.

We acquired the game on 5/22/2020 and have removed all the "passive" farming.

So the bot will not payout to players "sitting" on a ranking.

Well done bro on minting your first couple of NFTs. I really like how you've planned the creation and burning of these. Definitely a first and only mint makes it very enticing.

What a great gesture for the one and only @nulledgh0st - What a beast of a community builder and entrepreneur!

Looking forward to the upcoming Calligraphy Nifties.

Take care amigo!