Ooooo---that is very intriguing. Subtle and suggestive. I love it! Thank you for playing. I can't believe this post did so little. I'm just seeing it now as I've been off line all day. Have you noticed any particular pattern with the voting? I posted this in the chatroom. Most of my posts haven't done all that well either--gratefully we are in enjoyment of doing it for the sake of doing it, and our happiness does not depend on votes & $. Thank you so much for playing. I'm soooo excited about how you utilized my image.

Thank you! I haven't noticed much in voting patterns but enjoyed the creative stimulation your picture sparked all the same! We're on the blockchain, so all of our jam sessions will be around for a long time!

I thoroughly enjoy all aspects of this collaboration. We're on the blockchain never to be forgotten! Grateful for your playful nature @thedrollyears!