Knotilus Daily Pond ~ old tomato seeds and a quick cat scratching post

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Hi there!

I hope you’re having a beautiful and pleasant week so far! The pond is more melted now than it was in that first picture. The seagulls made sure to take advantage of the open water again, as you can see here in this Instagram post:

Seagulls on the pond

I talked about how I’m the worst self promoter again the other day in a post, and it’s totally true! I’ve been going back and forth about whether I HAVE to go back on Facebook to sell items, just to get them visibly out there, or if maybe I should just completely delete my Facebook account so I never have to deal with it again. Still undecided.

But in the name of self promotion I will share these two items!

This one is new and not on the website yet. Wasn’t sure if I should add more to it or not. It’s cute as is, but maybe some more flare would make it really pop!
It’s on my wall, and I pass by it all the time and think about what to do with it. 🤔

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This piece is finished and is up for sale!

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I priced it a bit higher than previous pieces because that colour cord is harder to find and I used a lot of it, especially making the tassels. Plus I’m making like no money if I sell these items for cheap, it covers the cost of the supplies, but when you factor that in with the time used to create it, I’m often paying myself like $2/hr to create these things.

Way she goes I suppose.. way she goes.. yay small business 😂

In cat news, they’re still adorable.

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Adorable pains in the ass though!
They continue to dig up and ruin my seedlings. I’ve got tents and barriers, they find a way though!

I found some gifted seeds in my seed bin from 1992 and decided to give them a try!

30 year old “Siberian Tomatoes”

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Think they’ll germinate?

They might! I should save some seeds from them if they do! Keep the line going! 🙂

I also made a quick scratching post for the kitties with just a stump and some old carpet! I’m sure there’s better and prettier ways of doing this, but I just nailed it on and they are really enjoying their new scratching post so far, so I’m calling it a win!

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Considering I’m making something for them to literally tear apart I think it’s great!

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It’s going to be a very cloudy week according to the weather forecasters. I realized how much I’ve been enjoying the sun lately and it’s brutal to have it gone all week long.
I’m super busy all the time anyway, but being busy while in the sun feels so much better! If I’m sitting with my laptop working and the sun is shining, at least I have something making me feel good! I don’t know how office people do it, with the fluorescent lighting and stale air! Give me a greenhouse or outside, or even just my sunny porch stairs any day over that!

Anyway, hope you’re all living a life you love and are happily working towards your absolute favourite version of yourself you can imagine!

Much love!

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