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“The Light had never reached her heart before.
Instead, it seemed like its only purpose was to burn her, destroy her…
…Until one mesmerizing second…
When she felt her hope was still dancing alive.
A Revelation, a Blessing, a Miracle,
And at the moment she stepped into her life, beauty and light,
Warm, Marvelous, Welcoming,
She was finally able to push away all her tormenting fears."


💓🌞 Happy Days and Nights to all you, My Steemit Darlings! 🌙💓

The enjoyable, constantly renewed and probably limitless Fandoms’ database dictionary describes the term: OTP or “One True Pairing” as that especial couple from any book, game, movie or any other media that transform us into a loving fan, filled with dreams and infinite amount of happy sighs, conquering all thought to the point of being unable to properly eat without thinking on them, dreaming of that perfect scene that we would love to see between our favorite pairing of characters. Those lovers that make us cry, laugh, throw all the popcorn in the air, fangirling while screaming in the middle of that perfect and mesmerizing kiss we have been waiting for ages, and of course, we have also that character who’s hated to death as they try to get in the middle of our beautiful OTP, etc.

And within many of the pairings of my list (cause yes, I had gotten literally enough to create an OTP armada, that is always recruiting new members to travel in the sea of emotions)




There are the famous (and sometimes infamous) Leona and Diana, from the game League of Legends. Avatars of the Sun and the Moon respectively, surrounded by a wonderful story about two opposing Religions: the Solari and the Lunari, which places the Sun and the Moon in a God-like tier. Both of the latter are also able to willingly choose Human Aspects to bless them with extraordinary power, canalizing their energies through mystic and powerful weapons.

I don’t think it will be a surprise for anybody when the gravity force that a crossed-stars lovers kind of story can project to the heart. One of those disastrous and idealistically romantic, Romeo and Juliette kind of scripts full of contrasts, where circumstances and fate in general play a complicate role, always getting in the middle of our precious OTP in the most absolute way.



Splash Art Images, from League of Legends’ Game Layout.


The Sun, wearing its bright and magnificent crown and worshipped in all Mount Targón since the right instant in which its servants and witnesses erased the Lunari from the history books, considering them heretic and exiled, it decides to choose Leona as a new Avatar, a girl from Rakkor (which is some kind of land of fierce and strong warriors, similar to Sparta) who offers mercy during a Fight to the Death, getting with such action: all her people’s hate, but ironically the generosity of the Sun, who manifest itself during her rakkorian judgment and saves her.

From this moment forward, the Solari took her under their wing. Within the Solari, on the other hand, is Diana: an unstoppable scholar, driven by her wish to learn and demonstrate that the Moon was worshipped as well, alongside the King Star. Of course, this won her people´s absolute hatred. It is in the midst of this incessant faith where she finds clues that lead her towards forgotten temples, as well as to an armor and sword belonging to a Lunari ancestor... and, moved in pure and genuine bliss, she came back to the Council with her discoveries… sadly, in great similarity with the Rakkor, what she received was: a Death Sentence for Heresy

With a very, very different, outcome.



Character Concept Art for League of Legends. By Michael 'IronStylus' Maurino.


As you may imagine, this is just a summary of the base idea that was cannon when the characters were included in the game for the very first time and their stories weren’t anything but short narrations, that I invite you to read here and here.

Since then, League of Legends passed through many changes on their storyline and characters’ lore, for good or bad according to each person’s perspective. However, for me, the canon I had just described is the especial one that touched my heart and the hearts of many other fans. It gave us enough playground to ship this pair and imagine thousands upon thousands of possibilities about how Diana and Leona could get to know each other, interact, discover the truth, forgive, fight, and obviously: Fall in Love.

I must confess that color contrasts and opposing forces are always a weak spot on my fangirling side, aiming to the most romantic side I got, especially when I’m able to share all my ideas with my best friend, roleplay partner, sun and stars & sweet waifu: @Tesmoforia ♥, the precious person for who I created this illustration as the cover for a song mix, I hope you all enjoy the process a lot!


♦ Sketch:


This is always the part where I take the longest time to do. Finding the perfect composition is a big mess where I tend to draw and re-draw like 4526878 million times. At least, I was sure that the base idea was to create a sweet scene where both of them would be listening to the OST I prepared uvu ♥...


♦ Line-Art:


Lately, it was time to start the Line Art or Digital Inking… the part where I can stay for days and days, thanks to my very well developed skill of never getting the lines right at first, needing to draw the same lines over and over again xD... But at the end, I was in love with how the line art came to be!


♦ Flat Colors:


The fastest part, even if I had the need to organize the color palette looking at a lot of different options between splash-arts and some fan-arts with more simplified colors. Still, the sight of the drawing with colors had me running in circles in pure emotion!...


♦ Lights, Shadows and Details:


Here I decided to change some parts of the illustration, like Diana’s mouth expression, adding color to the lines of the hair and the iPod’s wire. It was also the very first time I tried coloring an armor and I was scared it would look badly… besides of also working with so much hair. Is always an amazing surprise to discover the final result got better of what I was expecting ♥!


(✿◕‿◕) ♥ (◕‿◕✿)

To finish, I added a Bokeh effect (my guilty pleasure when it comes to Illustrations’ final touches) and ready:



Watching the Process Gif gives me so much good energy and needs to draw the other ships of my OTP Armada from all the Series, Books, Games and Movies I love. Don’t be surprised to find out how during the current and following months I will fill my schedule with illustrations regarding pretty couples. My hearts feels so full and happy, is time to get all my brushes, inks, pencils and crayons for more fangirling!

And what about you, guys? Do you have any special couple that you adore from a Fandom? Please tell me about it on the comments! >u<

Thank you so much for taking a look on my content, My dear Steemit Friends!

I wish you a lovely and wonderful day or night whenever you are, See you in the next Post!

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Reference Credits:

https://giphy.com (Ship Armada Gif)

http://ironstylus.tumblr.com (Conceptual Art by Michael 'IronStylus' Maurino)


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