Bright Starry Night Dorset - Viking Visual Fantasy

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This is another picture my son took in Dorset, England, in 2007. I transformed it into another fantasy piece with a CC0 cosmos picture.


This piece, I'm using four layers.

  • The background is a CC0 cosmos picture from Piqsels, I think.
  • The next one is the cosmos picture duplicated and flipped vertically, so that it makes a mirror to the first, the axis is on the horizon.
  • The next layer had the most done to it. I added an alpha channel, then deleted the sky and most of the sea so that I have just a little texture to the water and a nice firm foreground. I also added a couple layers of dark bucket fill to the foreground to take it from broad daylight to a very bright night. (It didn't feel right to take it any darker.)
  • The top layer was the orignal photo (minus the sky) at 20% opacity so that the cosmos background came through the water very well.

I love how this one turned out.

The completed picture is available at RedBubble , TeePublic , and DeviantArt.

Image shot by my son Ian.

All editing work done by myself on: Gimp and/or Photoscape.

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Nice view. Your son is a good photographer . Thanks for sharing with us.

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Yes, the original photo is a good one. Thanks for stopping by.

Oh wow, so great the view of the cosmos in the water :)

Thanks! It was cool to put together.

nice piece of work