The image is made of own imagination and thoughts part 1

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Digital art made by @xpilar

Outer Space 10 serie 22 A.jpg

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Wondering what your thoughts and description are from my picture

If you want to write a story,
it mus be related to my picture
and maybe you get a good upvote from me


Hi Snr. @xpilar ,

There is a word of elder which says, “Never give up till, you archive it”

A story was told about a man, who is making every effort to change his situations, the more he tried the more the things began to worse. One day he went to meet an old man beside his house asking him many question, can I man make it in life? Can things work out? He was disappointed with the response he got from the old man, the old man told him, why do you think you can’t make it in life? I see your struggle, I know what is on in your life, but you get it wrong somewhere. The man asked the old man, how do you know about me, or what I am facing or going through, if I may ask old man, where did I get it wrong?

Old man told him, you see in life, if you are going somewhere important, you don’t look at other places which might be a distraction on your to destination, whenever things got hard with you, you give up easily, instead of keep going without looking back at that failures, you allow the past to lead you your today, which resulting in more failure.

He asked the old man, what he must do to archive his goal in life, the old man told him a story of a man, whose he think the world revolve around home alone, he always make jest of his fellow friends by calling them names, lazy and all sorts of abusive words. But there is man among them whose name is Tanmola, the man called Tanmola, believes so much in whatever his doing, he always have the good spirits success will end his story.

Tanmola, doesn’t moved with negatives words, he started with a local business of buying and selling farm product, while he make cultivation his primary object, a lot of negatives words to discouraged me were said by his so called friends, at a time farm product is surplus, Tanmola doesn’t give up with his business, he kept pressing forward towards his goal, the first year, he lost, the second year, he lose again, but the third year, everything gone worse, because of this lost, Tanmola doesn’t lose hope, instead he continue with the cultivation and the farming product business, in the six year, none of the friend could no longer move with or going out again, because he has become more poorer, but with the good spirit, self-motivational and hope, Tanmola left the town to the villages where he continue his cultivation squarely, many were given up at that time due to surplus of agriculture product in the market, but Tanmola keep on planting and cultivate more in his farm land, the rest of the people who gave forget that when things surplus and there are limited produce market will be appreciated again, the following year agriculture product were highly appreciated that make the market move up tremendously, Tanmola sell a lot of agriculture product from the store and from his farm land.

Tanmola, life change dramatically, he became a famous, rich business man and highly honnour in his city, he build a mansion in his city, invest more on his business, employed people who work for him, none of his friends who mock him and the one who think life revolve around him alone, could never stand or compete with him, he see his life in a different ways, but despites many falls and failures, he refused to give up, instead he keep focusing and keep motivate his good spirit with hope. Can you see life Mr. says old man? O yes the man replied, I shall continue and believe in my doing from now on, and I believe and have faith that I will succeed too, thanks the old man.

I hope you like this story, thanks for share your great nice work Snr. @xpilar.


thanks for your great story @davidad

you are welcome Snr. @xpilar


The Story Of A Lonely World

How happy is the virginal, sensitive shyness!
Sweet, strange, sensitive shyness.
Now chaste is just the thing,
To get me wondering if the sensitive shyness would cling.

How happy are utter, anxious apartness!
Never forget the sodding and consummate anxious darkness.

I cannot help but stop and look at yellow, cicle of wonderness.
"Pitter patter", said the ontological otherness,
And "pitter patter" then "pitter patter" again.
The rain of crypto soon will fall for our gain.

Why would you think the apparent aimlessness is lean?
the apparent aimlessness is the most fat meaninglessness of all.
Blah. blah, blah all things are so tall.


thanks for the description @cryptopie


GromeWorld, Conference of the Gods.

Great celebrities of the universe have gathered their intellect to create a central base with the aim of having a place that is the epicenter of meeting of the gods, the platform is ideal to receive all the spaceships where they move the chosen of each monastery.

GromeWorld is a space structure consisting of a main auditorium and special rooms where the gods can achieve their own activities, meditation and cosmic recharge among others.

The control systems are psychically controlled by a disciplined team of celestial assistants who are passed through a room that studies the mind to verify the level of loyalty for the security of the Gods.


GromeWorld, Conferencia de los Dioses.

Grandes celebridades del universo han reunido su intelecto para crear una base central con el objetivo de contar con un lugar que sea epicentro de reunion de los dioses, la plataforma es ideal para recibir todas las naves espaciales donde se trasladan los elegidos de cada monasterio.

GromeWorld es una estructura espacial que consta de un auditorio principal y habitaciones especiales donde los dioses puedan lograr hacer las actividades propias de ellos, meditación y recarga cosmica entre otras.

Los sistemas de control estan controlados psiquicamente por un equipo disciplinado de ayudantes celestiales que son pasados por una sala que estudia la mente para verificar el nivel de lealtad para seguridad de los Dioses.

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thanks for your great story @jadnven

Regards, dear friend, @xpilar.

Allow me to congratulate you on your extraordinary digital art. It is really fantastic.

I am not an art expert, but I will express what comes to mind when I see this image.

I think of a macroscopic trip. Where invisible things become visible. Particles of dust that we can not see become immense asteroids that seem to overwhelm us.

All best, Piotr.

Your imagination really has no limits sir @xpilar! I really ask myself how does this come into your mind, if I have the opportunity to make a trip to this world I will not hesitate and I can even pay very expensive to be able to access the interior of these planets, I am sure I will meet nice people who will be glad to see me visit their extraordinary world.

Upvoted & Resteemed

Regards @Redouanemez

This is the representation of the electronic world,
The four in the middle are the breeding grounds for electronic babies.
The one on the left is the passage that the babies use to get to the place after they grow up.
The one on the right is for the boys to compete with each other.
左邊那個是寶寶們在長大之後, 用於通往各地的通道,

The spacecraft race was taking place in a new track of the galaxy, I was among the first places in that difficult oval closed curves, my ship was a hive design to reduce friction with the air. everything was going well, changes and the propulsion system were working normally, everything is a hullabaloo when I pass in front of the main grandstand, light rays mold and ambient the racing grounds, the favorite is a Triunoman who is champion of 5 galaxies in this type of events. The favorite is a Triunoman who is champion of 5 galaxies in this type of events.


Estaba acontenciendo la carrera de naves espaciales en una nueva pista de la galaxia, yo iba entre los primeros lugares en ese dificil ovalo de curvas cerradas, mi nave era un diseño tipo colmena para reducir la fricción con el aire. todo marchaba bien, los cambios y el sistema de propulsión accionaban con total normalidad, todo es una algarabía cuando paso frente a la tribuna principal, rayos de luz moldean y ambientan el recinto de carreras, el favorito es un Triunoman quien es campeon de 5 galaxias en este tipo de eventos.

thanks for the description @adeljose

Hello @xpilar, today you are displaying digital images. I really like your digital image. especially for the color. and your digital image is very good to describe. in my opinion, your digital image shows that besides gold, diamonds, pearls, there is another stone that has the beauty of its color. the stone is in the ground, and in the sea.

and the stone also has a high price. The stone can also be made as a ring, bracelet or necklace. indeed the price of the stone is not as high as other gems. but its beauty is able to defeat other gems. this is just my description of the digital image you are displaying.

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thanks for the description @aulia1993

Hello @xpilar
another beautiful digital art my friend.
this are is looks like we are watching slides in micro scope.
this round shapes are looks like bacteria.
This art is looks like on single-celled organisms. you make it beautiful.
Amazing digital art my friend.
thanks for share with us.

Your image makes me think of a couple of young people who experience their first kiss, because the mind is flying so many inexplicable things but when the joints make sense.
You fly to heaven, you see flowers, water and everything is produced by a kiss.
But a kiss from someone who is special.

beautiful is your sophistication, thank you @anasuleidy

kiss is better ~~

Marvelous to check that our looks so great

I have no idea what is it today.....

Posted using Partiko Android looks like a universe by its part calm and peaceful magical while the other side there is a sense of danger and power with the gold colour looking like snake thingy...

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thanks for the description @vangie

great digital-art my dear friend xpilar

Good night sir. you display amazing digital images. full of bright colors. this shows that colors make this earth beautiful. if color does not exist on earth, then the earth does not have any beauty. like the ocean that has beauty in blue, trees that have a green color, and animals that have different colors. all beautiful if there is color.

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thanks for the description @chaira

I imagine it is a snake-shaped object in space.

thanks for your great description , thank @elianaelisma

Beautiful! Friend @xpilar I think a station of glass balloons in space, although my son insists that it looks like a parade of candy, hehehe. It is very nice to spend and enjoy your art.

The planet netemeas and the time machine.
In the main city of the planet netemeas all care and enjoy seeing the time machine, that which will only be handled by the chosen one, every day an inhabitant makes his luck with this machine, they are still waiting.

Wow! Such a wonderful drawing and very nice art. Really awesome. Thanks for share.

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@mukhtarilyas, several globe in an imaginary galaxy @xpilar. thanks.

Another wonderful imagination from you. Thank you for this valuable post

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Your image is futuristic, it is like entering a parallel world, an unknown dimension, where there is no gravity, and everything cohabits with everything.
Excellent creativity

Very original your daily art ... It is an incredible piece to be shown in a room, because it balances colors, shapes and space is well distributed and in harmony.

A picture that is very artistic and unique. I see it like space objects.
Like digital art @xpilar

Maybe I could give a title "when the planets line up in outer space."

a planet whose color is very good, the color of the planet shines very well, green as if - we will see fresh our minds.

thanks for the description @donclo

thank you sir@xpilar

this imagination fascinated me, and I found it difficult to guess

This image different for all image nice creative art work

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I can't exactly say what it is. It's bit confusing. But nice imagination @xpilar

Interesante creación, parece que eres fanatico a los ambientes espaciales, siempre estas en onda en una orbita alejada de nuestro control.

Hi @adrimonte

thanks for the description

Yes, it is my passion

those are a kind of planets. very good drawing

Dear Mr. @xpilar, Really this is great example of perfection and clean work, your art is looking like a very crystal art, there have no any trouble with color distribution, you just used perfect color, and perfect light, that makes your art really awesome.

A great artistic creation, intense and diverse colors, with very original abstract forms and give it a very personal touch.

hello xpilar, how come this morning, you must be healthy, right? I saw in the post Mr. Xpilar the shape of a very nice and beautiful space planet, frankly I have never seen a picture of a beautiful planet like this. thank you, Mr. Xpilar, for showing many good pictures of the planet and to me.

thank you @ muntaharaceh

together, Mr.@xpilar

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You're welcome @xpilar. Nice score!

It's looking like tufted virus, Which starts spreading on air contact.

Good day @xpilar, an interesting and beautiful image, a mixture of past with future.

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