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Digital art made by @xpilar

stonehenge 1 A.jpg

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The Ruins of Pompeii

There was once a very prosperous kingdom, its inhabitants were very happy and were grateful for their King Daniel and their Queen Anne, But there was a terrible truth that mourned the hearts of kings and all inhabitants, it was that the heir had not come to throne.
Many were the attempts but nothing worked.
One day the King had to face a terrible battle, because his kingdom wanted to be invaded, before leaving he said goodbye to his Queen, in a night of love and passion.
The King and many brave men left.
Upon arriving at the battlefield in Pompeii, a large troop was waiting to hide among piles, rocks and statues.
The King and his men realized and devised a plan to win the battle.
It was a long fight that lasted many hours, but King Daniel and his men won the battle and the enemies left, leaving their lands free, that's how they kept the peace.
But the cost was very large part of the city of Pompeii was in ruins, blood had stained its green fields.


Even triumphant these men had to pay a high cost in the beauty of their city, which had become ruins, the ruins of Pompeii.
When arriving at the Kingdom these men were received like triumpters, the kingdom was of celebration.
But the best gift King Daniel received was from his wife Queen Anne, she was pregnant and thanks to these men her son would be born in a free and happy kingdom.

If it is the Ruins of Pompeii, that there may be royal gold in the ground.

thanks for your great story @jdbs

Thanks to you, for both support and creativity @xpilar 👍

Animism and Megaliths

Prehistoric societies have trusted the belief system. In those days the people knew the belief in the power outside themselves. They believe that in their lives they are always influenced by the power they don't know. In joining activities they realize that what they are doing is always under the supervision of superpowers. A power that they cannot control. This power can help or hinder any of their activities. They began to realize when someone worked they saw natural phenomena in the form of lightning, lightning, clouds and other natural events. They saw that there was enormous power. Various events that occur then are told verbally from generation to generation. So do not be surprised, they really appreciate everything that parents have done. They noticed that when parents get sick and die they believe that their spirits will always protect their children.
This belief in the spirit of this ancestor is known as animism. In animism the community knows respect for the spirits of ancestors. They believe that their ancestors will always take care of their lives and lives. The dead ancestors gathered in one high place so they could watch over the grandchildren who were working.
To remember the services of the ancestors, menhirs were built. Menhir is a stone monument that was established as a tribute to the spirits of ancestors. Menhir is also a place to commemorate deceased tribal chiefs. Menhir in its manufacture, there is a single established, but some are placed together with sarcofagus . Menhirs are usually erected singly or in groups parallel to the ground, but in some traditions there are also those lying on the ground. Menhirs, together with dolmen and sarcophagi, are megaliths. As one of the main markers of megalithic culture, the manufacture of menhirs has been known since the Neolithic period (beginning 6000 BC).

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A few days ago the expedition team discovered a new archeology about the history of an extinct nation. Historical evidence that has been found is the remains of a Hindu kingdom in the southern part of our planet. It cannot be fully concluded from which kingdom, because further research is needed to learn about this historical heritage.

According to several published references, this historical heritage is closely related to the Hindu kingdom that lived in the stone era. And this kingdom has conquered almost half of our planet in its heyday.

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thanks for your description @anroja

you're welcome sir

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The Seven Wonders of the World, whose genesis of the list is unknown, constitute the ensemble of the seven most extraordinary architectural and artistic works of the ancient world. They all correspond to achievements that far exceed common proportions.

After seeing this picture of @xpilar I can say that there are now 8 wonders of the world and not 7.

Hello @xpilar, today you are displaying digital images again. according to my description, your digital image looks like a war defense. because the fort is located in the field. and the fort looks like a historical heritage. but because the fort was very strong, he would not easily collapse even for thousands of years. this is only my description of the digital image you are displaying.

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your art makes me imagine a golf course that was invaded by extraterrestrial signs, they left their marks and engravings in stones, to communicate with us the inhabitants of the earth.
But unfortunately we did not understand the message sent, and the golf course was ovidado and the message was ruined, being in a pile of stones with graphics that nobody understood, that left us expensive that we are not alone in the universe.

A picnic on the planet rock of strength.
Everyone feels and enjoys the food and the landscape, how good it is to share in harmony and wherever you ballana, sharing is giving and receiving the best that life offers us.

@xpilar, I want to give a title to this picture as, Hidden Secrets Of Stones.

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thank you @chireerocks


Older civilization tower reminder at sea side good expression through the digital.

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Now that's so nice looking fantastic !

I like your photos, because many of them show a great sky ... a sign that God exists and that faith should never be lost

a very beautiful landscape in a green park there are very good rocks clouds are so supportive with light - the light illuminates with the glare of the sun, I am very interested in this landscape

Good afternoon, Sir. this digital image looks like a lump of stone in ancient times. according to me this chunk of stone was created in the era of the kingdom first. I don't know the actual function of this stone. maybe this stone is made for decoration in the kingdom.

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thanks for your description @chaira

This is when the Dutch moved west.
those megalithic group built in the UK

Another perfect imagination from you. Thank you for this valuable post

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It seems to me that this image is a ruin of a city that was hit by a tsunami, they are buried in mud

Hello @xpilar, always impressing us with your art, which is really spectacular.

This is a collection of rocks in the middle of the meadow with a background of beautiful blue sky.

It looks like a cemetery of rock statues, very well placed to decorate the view.
I would never have imagined something like that, congratulations for your talent!

Wow such a beautiful picture. I am fan of your pictures. Is it real?? I am confused!! How can it to be a graphical picture!! @xpilar

I share with you some picture, I captured last night in ferri t5u0l6cyj6.jpg

I also share this in a blog. You can see this. I think you will enjoy this @xpilar

Nice that you like it, thank you @minhaz.noor

You are welcome!

Hello @xpilar! It is an exquisite digital image, a work like that every day is a sign of your commitment to us, steemit and art.

Hello @xpilar
Beautiful digital art. looks like landscape view.
The rocks make this art more beautiful.
Sky with golden cloud make this art golden.
Awesome digital art. thanks for share with us..