The image is made of own imagination and thoughts

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Digital art made by @xpilar

ruiner i havet 1 A.jpg

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Pasa an expedition in space by the Moertus spacecraft, has been found on a planet that is likely to be inhabited by humans. On this planet there is a huge amount of water buried in the bottom of the planet. From the visible surface of this planet, it consists of a vast expanse of sand and pillared mounds.

This water mapping was carried out several years ago by a satellite sent there. Today was sent a spacecraft manned by 2 people to see the location of the planet and explore all the surfaces of this planet Moertus. The first landing was in an arid location but under the arid soil there was a huge amount of water. While the second landing was carried out in a desert in the southern part of the planet Moertus.

After this mapping, a few more people will be sent next month to stay on this planet Moertus for a year. This is the first attempt to see the possibility of the planet being occupied. The government is very happy with the success of this landing, because this greatly opens up the possibility of being made the planet as a new residence.

This place After the occupation,
Can be used as a tourist attraction

Nice serial description... 😁

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great story @anroja

Thank you very much @xpilar

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Hello Mr. @xpilar i don't know from which religion you belongs from, if you believe in jesus hope your christmas was very significant and enjoyable. Feeling very exited to see my best friend in your digital creation. Don't be surprise sir, Sky is not best friend but i like it so much, water is not my best friend but it always safe my life. Being a sculpture artist i have always play with stone. Stone is my life and stone is my career. Stone is my first love and stone is my last love. Stone is my emotion and stone is my passion, i can talk with stone, because stone is my thinking, i can make it alive with my spirit, i can make it legend. When i use to reshape any stone into a sculpture, i feel very sorrow because i'm cutting some part of it with strong metal. It's never hurt me but i always hurt it to giving it into a real shape.

I always feel that every stone has life, and it's true, otherwise it was quite impossible to make great great sculpture across the world, when a sculpture artist think about his art, when he make 3D design of his art, firstly he have to select a stone which can talk with artist. We examine the piece of stone very sincerely and then decide that sculpture we are going to make is the stone is appropriate for this art, it is really so difficult to find exact shape of stone for our thinked art. So sometimes we doing the opposite thing we think our art based on shape of stone. I feel the better with the next one. Because i believe that every stone has meaningful shape, we just have to redesign it. We just have to add some expression with those shape, then every stone are looking like a part of life.

I just dislike those people who use the word stone for a negative sense, Sometimes some people said like this " You have heart like stone" What are they know about the stone, In our real life the people who are so hard and difficult in physical attributes most of the time those people have soft heart, stone is also the same, every stone are very hard physically but they have very soft heart, so human being are able to make Statue of Liberty.

Sometimes it's make very angry when people use to walking through the road, if they saw any stone on the way, they just kicked the stone. But they can easily take it with their hand and they can keep it in the secure place. But they don't doing like this, they just love to kick the stone. But my loving stone just tolerate it silently.

Stone are the source of someone's livelihood so never make unfair with stone.

Thank you Everyone.

Hi @uttambarman

I like how you talk about stones.

I believe that everything we have on this earth has some form of life
And the world and what we see is beautiful in its kind

Thank you for your good feedback

Many years ago, in the magical island of stone of a very strange country, there lived many animals and people who come every morning to the coasts because a strange phenomenon occurred, all the clouds of the sky joined and formed a horizontal straight line that little by little it came down and disappeared into the sea.
It was as impressive as all the inhabitants were meeting on the coast, without fail.
One day they were waiting for the phenomenon but among the clouds appeared the figure of a man, who instantly breathed and threw a magical powder.
All the inhabitants of the island, humans and animals were becoming stone, All desperate wanted to jump into the water but could not, his body was hardening...

When all became stone, the man between the clouds vanished and became the horizontal straight line.

The man in the clouds never felt alone because day and night is accompanied by his stone statues.

El fin de los Glaciares.

Grandes acontecimientos estan ocurriendo sobre nuestro ecosistema, los niveles de calor están aumendo de manera alarmante produciendo un calentamiento global que está afectando los glaciares en las cadenas montañosas de todos los continentes.

La situación del cambio climatico es preocupante ya que a pesar del deshielo de los glaciares, los niveles de agua en el oceano estan bajando dramaticamente, lo que evidencia un mayor proceso de evaporación en nuestro planeta.

Los efectos del calentamiento global se están viendo a simple vista, los cumulos de piedras que anteriormente estaban cubiertos de hielo o agua han ido descubriendose paulatinamente, muchos colosos de piedras se pueden apreciar en su totalidad.


The end of the Glaciers.

Great events are happening on our ecosystem, heat levels are increasing alarmingly producing a global warming that is affecting glaciers in the mountain ranges of all continents.

The climate change situation is worrying because despite the melting of glaciers, water levels in the ocean are falling dramatically, which evidences a greater evaporation process on our planet.

The effects of global warming are being seen with the naked eye, the accumulations of stones that were previously covered with ice or water have been gradually discovered, many colossuses of stones can be appreciated in their totality.

It was a normal day that promised to be of lust, in a cruise we went happily enjoying excellent cocktails and beautiful women, but when the night arrived an unforeseen event happened, the boat suffered a mishap before the strong storm that had formed suddenly, the euphoria turned into desperation, because the ship was sinking little by little. Despair prevented the rescue units from working properly, and many lost their lives.

I am one of the survivors of that unfortunate accident, shipwrecked in a city of stone in the middle of the sea, the storm has passed but has ended our festin, instead has left me in an inhospitable land where only water and solitude surrounds me.


Era un dia normal que prometía ser de lujuria, en un crucero ibamos alegremente disfrutando de excelentes cocteles y bellas mujeres, pero al llegar la noche un hecho imprevisto ocurrió, la embarcación sufrió un percance ante la fuerte tormenta que se había formado repentinamente, la euforia se transformó en desesperación, pues el barco se hundía poco a poco. El desespero evitó que la unidades de rescate trabajaran correctamente y muchos perdieron la vida.

Yo soy uno de los sobrevivientes de aquel lamentable accidente, naufragando en una ciudad de piedra en medio del mar, la tempestad ha pasado pero ha acabado con nuestro féstin, en cambio me ha dejado en una tierra inhóspita donde solo me rodea agua y soledad.

This is a very beautiful rocky reef
Originally he was under the water
But because of the greenhouse effect
Polar icebergs melted
Sea level rises by 100 meters
Leading to many reefs under the sea
Only a few columnar rocks can be exposed to the surface.
Symbolizes the existence of the past

Very beautiful image @xpilar

Rushing over the sea, playing
In the distance, an exciting breeze.
And the sea reflects in itself
Heavenly blue height.
Over the rocks giving hope
The emerald dawn rises.
And going far to the horizon,
He gives me the best regards.

thanks for your description / poem @serkagan

wow what imagination, what attract me more is the shadow of the rocks! what precision !! you do not forget the details Bravo @xpilar, I focus my eyes on the horizon with this white light that shines, I'll take my little plane and go see what lies behind this light :)

Hello @xpilar, nice to meet you again. Your digital image is very good. because it looks like real. I like it very much. and your digital image is very good to make a story. allow me to give a short story.

there is a country that is very prosperous, peaceful and prosperous. God gives them all pleasure. their land is fertile, their nature is also very beautiful, and the natural wealth in the country is also abundant. But over time many people have done bad behavior. the bad behavior they have done has been going on for a long time. finally God was angry and gave disaster to them.

the disaster was a great earthquake. as a result of the earthquake, a tsunami struck. sea ​​water rises to the surface is very large, many humans die, and buildings are destroyed. It is a lesson journey for people in the country to be able to do good, grateful and other deeds. hopefully in the disaster, people will realize that what they are doing is the wrong thing. this is just my story from this digital image.

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Greetings friend @xpilar, I congratulate you for your great work, if you have an excellent creativity, this as every design is particular, what I like the most is that spectacular bright white line in the sky, creates a center of attention that gives you a lot of life to your creation! Congratulations!!!

Good day, it is the resurgence of the lost city in the deep of the sea, it returns to the surface after the waters have calmed down and it is to its exit with a blue sky more than normal that welcomes it.

hello @xpilar
another beautiful digital art my friend.
this rocks are looks like the city buildings by long view. all around water makes this art something different and beautiful. Deep blue sky looks awesome my friend. amazing digital art. thanks for share with us....

The altar of nothus.
In a city on a planet from a distant galaxy, you can see the beautiful altar. Every day the best announcements are given so that everyone is under the same sense of life.

It is an incredible creation, I adore the sea, the beach and the tropical climate, it is so nice to see images that bring to my memory beautiful and motivating thoughts
Great job!!

Good night sir. I've seen a lot of your digital images. and everything looks cool. it looks like an ancient building inside the sea. because sea water recedes, the ancient building is visible.

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I imagine this is slind-shaped rocks in the middle of the desert against the background of a beautiful blue sky.

Morning at New World in dessert just remain part of like old civilization

good scenery, bright clouds make my mind happy to see this scene, indeed I like to see this scene

very nice and great digital-art my dear friend @xpilar
You are a professional designer

Another perfect sharing from you. This imagination looks as a lost city. It looks very beautiful. Thank you again

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Treta is looking shadow of the era With sea

veo un mundo no humano , otro planeta , obscuro sin vida. soledad y silencio.

Very beautiful creation, the sparkling and sparkling sea, the clear blue sky, the waters entering between the rocks gives it an original touch.

Wow that digital art, so beautiful, original and colors in equilirio.

@xpilar, I want to give this picture a Title as, Rise Of Stone Age. Have a blessed time ahead.

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Perfect selection, i just like it.

Thank you so much.

You are most welcome brother.


thank you @chireerocks


Thank you @xpilar for sharing a magnificent sight, it looks like the rocks that stand so majestic, the blue sea water like there is a barrier with a blue sky, is truly extraordinary.

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When I was little I visited a stone beach and the whole landscape was beautiful as its art.

I saw rock formations that were arranged very firmly despite being hit by the fierce waves of the ocean, it was truly an amazing sight.
Like @xpilar

Parece alucinante el destello que se muestra de forma horizontal al fondo de la imagen, me gusta se ve algo primitivo.

surreal and magical view to experience !

What is the app you're building this on?

good imagination, I like this

nice art scene, it's not easy to get art photos like the pictures I see today.

I remember when there were teachers at school, telling me about the layout of a continent, as well as the picture I saw

Excellent @xpilar creation, very realistic and always showing the beautiful side of your creativity.

spectacular image. a stunning sea and sky

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You're welcome @xpilar

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