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Digital art made by @xpilar

hav og fjell.2 A.jpg

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Hi Snr, @xpilar,

I have been searching for you for decade of years, but found you not until now. I will be sharing a story of a two lovers who love each other till death do them apart.

Once upon a time, tell about the story of Kike and Akin. Kike happened to be decent and gentle girl, she hailed from a village but her father was the chief in that village, while Akin came from a wealthy family background, Akin also is a good guy with humility despite came from wealthy background.

Right after the primary school, Akin told his father he want to continue his secondary school education in the village nearby but due to his father influence, his father insisted, Akin was later taken to the city to start his secondary school education, he felt really bad about his dad against his wish, the first and second year of Akin in his secondary school, the performance was excellent, when his father heard of this news, he felt to proud, shortly after second time examination, Akin travel back home and they were going, Akin met with his young beautiful girl, he told the driver to park by the roadside, he came down from the car and talk with this young beautiful lady, after few minutes of chatting/talking together, Kike mother was coming behind them without them know, he shouted at them, they eventually find their ways.

A week later, Kike started falling in love with Akin, immediately she remembered her mother action she felt so bad, she made up her mind to go and check Akin in his place, on her way to Akin place, she saw Akin coming her way, they run to meet each other and finally hug up with a gently kiss, they stood under a big mango tree and started chatting up, not long Kike mother was coming right towards them, but Kike already saw her afar off, they both hide behind this big mango till Kike mother pass by without noticed them. They fixed time to meet up again the second day in the same place, when Akin got to the place, he waited long for his lover but couldn’t see her, he stood still expecting her till late, and Akin finally left the place and went home sad.

Day after, Akin went back to school, Kike came to check on Akin at his place, but she was told Akin has return back to school, she felt really bad, when she turn her back, Akin mother call her back, asking her few questions, she confessed to Akin mother, they are both lover, Akin mum felt really happy to hear from her, she told her when her son will be back from school. Since that day, Kike always try her best in the weekend to see Akin mother, Akin father has been noticed about Kike coming in the weekend but he kept mute, few year later, they both through with their secondary school education.

Akin called his son and told him, he should forget about the lady for now, but when he done with his University education, he can think of her. Second day morning, Akin father took him to immigration office, get him a passport and all the necessary documents, the next day they both left to the city (Akin and his father), they spend about two week in the city processing Akin travel documents, the third week everything get ready, Akin left the country without Kike knowing about it.

Kike couldn’t longer further her education, she went into trade business within the villages to survive, while Akin was studying in abroad. A year after, there was a young business man who want to marry Kike, but she didn’t give attention, her mother won’t let her rest, she tried her best to convinced her daughter kike, but Kike remain adamant, she won’t compromise love for her lover Akin, not too long years, Akin return home from abroad, when he get to the town, the first person he located was Kike his finance, he met her in the market, they hug and went home to meet Kike mother, (Kike mother) couldn’t said anything else than to approved their union, both family meet and announce the wedding date, Kike and Akin got happily married, they are blessed with three children’s.

A difficulties times will always comes, but we should never give up, when a mountain is big and tall, it requires, determination, good spirits, self-motivation, faith and persistence to clap the high mountain.

Thanks for share your great work again Snr. @xpilar


thanks for your great story @davidad

You are welcome Snr. @xpilar

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After planet Vocabi and Torusi, floods also hit the planet Albivi. This is in accordance with the prediction of the Climatology Agency yesterday. According to the Climatology Agency, the flood that hit the planet Albivi will come several hours after the flood hit the planet Torusi.

As we know that on the planet Albivi there are very many inhabitants who inhabit the planet, so this flood makes the government overwhelmed to cope. If the neighboring planet also experiences the same thing. So it is very difficult to ask for help to a neighboring planet.

Until now many people lost their homes and the government suffered huge losses with this flood. It is estimated that to repair the damage caused by this flood requires very large funds. Moreover, most of the infrastructure also suffered considerable damage.

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thanks for your description @anroja

you're welcome sir

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This is Treasure Island
Unable to arrive from the sea
There are countless whirlpools near the island.
You have to into/enter a specific vortex
Just can appear from the vortex in the island
on the island , there are countless gold and silver jewels of the pirate king.

thanks for your description @cloudblade

Oh my God, this is really beautiful, I never imagined to be the original panorama photos like this, I am also interested in art and photography, looking at photos like this for me it gives a particular meaning which cannot be paid for with money. Although the photo of the imagination.

such a wonderful art work , the sky look so real

Hello @xpilar, it looks like your digital image is very good to describe. in my opinion, your digital image is very good to tell. allow me to give a short story.

one day a young man worked as a fisherman. every day he is looking for fish to sell and made side dishes. he has a knight soul and he likes dangerous things. when searching for fish he saw a very high mountain in the middle of the ocean. he climbed the mountain. he just wants to get past the obstacle. and finally he reached the top of the mountain. this is just my description of this digital image that you are displaying.

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thanks for your description @aulia1993

it's really good to start the day looking at a beautiful nature that consists of three things that I adore:
blue sky

Resteemed !

@xpilar, I want to give a title to this picture as, Planet Of Unknown. Stay blessed.

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thank you @chireerocks


a very nice and beautiful view of the mountain in the middle of the sea - even the clouds are very bright and sparkling I like this view.

Hello @xpilar, an island where a shipwrecked person arrives who manages to survive after spending several days in the sea without being able to eat, feels he has reached a paradise and hopes to find something that can calm his hunger and quench his thirst and recover his strength.

thanks for your description @leca

good night sir, this is my description. the mountain is the strongest creation of god. he remained standing firm and never collapsed. this shows that a strong mountain always obeys God's commands. We as humans are why many oppose God's commandments. we humans should be more obedient to the commands of god.

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thanks for your description @chaira

very beautiful, rocks in the middle of a sea of ​​clouds stretched like a travel path

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Wow you do this thing with such perfection you always amaze us

an impressive futuristic sea

Another perfect imagination from you. Thank you for this valuable post

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My imagination is this mountain in Mars

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great digital-art my dear friend @xpilar

A new sunrise!
Each day that passes is a new opportunity for the creation of what is really wanted, it is that perfect place where you just want to live and dream ...

Coral island in the middle of the sea, very beautiful against the background of a bright blue sky.
Beautiful photography @xpilar

I want to create movie in this place titanic part 2

hehe, yes @anil566

great, imagination that can give meaning

Nice shot this is. Looks so clear

beautiful picture sir,great digitalart @xpilar

The beauty of the rock that comes out of the ocean with a blue sky. Great picture.

A wonder of place, is it an imagination or does it really exist somewhere in the oceanic world?

or just in my imagination, hehe

Hello @xpilar
Another beautiful digital art.
By first view this is looks like photograph.
the colors are looks so real. The sky with white clouds make this art more beautiful.
The mountain of rock is looks real. beautiful digital art my friend.
thanks for share with us.

Saludos amigo @xpilar, le felicito por tan agradable imagen

Extremely cool panorama photo, the fisheye effect is really neat here.
Love it @xpilar!

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