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Digital art made by @xpilar

sommerstrand.3 A.jpg

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Wondering what your thoughts and description are from my picture

If you want to write a story,
it mus be related to my picture
and maybe you get a good upvote from me


Hi Snr. @xpilar

Once upon a time, when a kingdom of Orra fought bloody to claimed their freedom from the empire of Ayolo.

Ayolo Empire was a powerful one in the oldest time, whenever ayolo speaks people, no one disordered them because they were most powerful place at that time. Because of power in their hand, they use to oppress the low level villages and cities under their authority.

There was a time when the king sent his guards to collect the king rights from low level villagers, on their way going for the assignment, they met a young man and his lover coming towards them, one of the guards from Ayolo see that the lady beside this young man was beautiful, he stopped them and speak with the power of throne (Staff from King of Ayolo) the guards speak with authority and the lady was taken away from this young boy, this young boy tried his best to, but he eventually end-up been tie up for disobey the authority words and thrown to the cell.

Few months later, Orra youth gathered to fight for their freedom, they decided to wage against powerful kingdom of Ayolo, but their plan failed only few were escaped when armies from Ayolo kingdom burst them up at the place they gather together, those who are caught in the act of rebellion against the powerful Ayolo kingdom was all got beheaded, it was a terrible day for people of Orra to lost some of theit vibrant youths in the hands of powerful Ayolo kingdom.
At that time no villages or cities dare to rebel against the kingdom of Ayolo, peoples continues to be oppressed and whosoever want to rise to fight get beheaded, after many years of oppression, a female child was born into a village of Orra by a farmer, she grow up in knowledge and became more powerful, Ayolo people came with their demand as well, those who refused or doesn’t get their requested was been tied up and dragged like a goat to the kingdom of Ayolo, as people of Orra was been dragged with the robe on their neck, this girl saw them afar off and hide somewhere, she felt really bad that day, and she decided to set her people from the oppressor.

She kept following them up to kingdom of Ayolo, there was a big river to cross before entering to kingdom of Ayolo, they were about to took people of Orra through canoe to cross to the other side, a great windy came over, everyone were fighting for their lives, not long the level of the rivers began to rise and rise and a terrible wind blew that heavy river towards the Ayolo kingdom, it was a very terrible flood, small house were collapsed, uncountable lives were lost, big and house look like tower were sink, that is how the kingdom of Ayolo was falls, Orra peoples returns to their home and few people who came from Ayolo Kingdom to demand and oppressed people of Orra finally became slaves which were tie up and dragged back to the viallge of Orra.

It is always good for ones who has power to manage it, and not use it to oppressed the peoples, who can tell what tomorrow will bring.

Thanks for share your work with us.


thanks for your great story @davidad

you are welcome, that story was meant for @xpilar design of city sinking in a deep water hehehe, but okay tho...

Three researchers who survived the plane crash entered the valley. The valley is overgrown with very thick forests. All the items they carry are gone and only carry one backpack. Finally they kept walking while hoping to get help. They kept walking between the thick trees. So thick the forest that they could not see the sunlight ... from the gap in the trees. Lush leaves cover the entry of light into the ground. The accuracy of the soil they are on is more moist. Every now and then their bodies are grabbed by leeches. They immediately throw it away so they don't suck blood. If the leech has bitten this animal it will not release the bite. One leech can suck 5 to 15 milliliters, if there are 20 leeches it will certainly be a serious problem.
Luckily they wear long-sleeved shoes and clothes making it safer.
But facing virgin forests that have never been touched by humans is not an easy thing. So many challenges must be faced. They must estimate the day or night. When they feel the cold feels more they believe the day starts at night. So they decide to find a safe place to take refuge. After seeing situation they found a tree that was rather tilted so it was easier to ride. Even more so when they looked up many rather large branches by resembling a nest. this can be used as a place to rest. Finally they decided to climb the tree to avoid the attack of wild animals while sleeping. tired body makes them fall asleep immediately. When they wake up they can see from the tree of sunlight. Finally one researcher climbed to the top of the tree. From the top of this tree he saw a hill in the distance. he immediately went down and invited his friends to continue the journey. They agreed to go there. However, when they saw the river they decided to go along the river. They believe by following the river they will arrive at the estuary. They believe that in the estuary there must be someone who lives. With the survival abilities they have participated in during their training they can continue to survive. They know which plants can be eaten and cannot. They also know flowers that can store water so they can drink it.
After a long period of time they felt the forest began to not be too thick anymore. They feel that they are close to the place where there is human civilization. Finally with difficulty and various obstacles, they reach the river mouth.
Suddenly in the distance there were people gathering. They immediately shouted loudly. This shout was heard by the residents who were at the estuary. They are. come to help researchers who have run out of energy. Finally, the researchers were able to survive after taking danger in a dense forest for several days

Thank you @xpilar
Warm regard from Indonesia

A Love Story

Daniel was totally in love with the princess Mariel, she corresponded to his love, However this love was not well seen by everyone else.
She was the King's daughter and he was the son of the palace cook.
Mariel was committed to the bravest knight in the palace, but her heart was only for Daniel.
One day Daniel was shopping for the things his father needed for the party because of the engagement of the princess and the gentleman, he was sad and depressed and walked aimlessly.
The princess who upon learning that Daniel would leave the palace escaped from the castle without being seen chasing Daniel, needed to talk to him, kiss him and remind him that his love was only for him, but that he should fulfill the commitment only for the sake of the kingdom .
He followed Daniel and did not understand what his path was, however, he waited for the opportunity to be alone with him.
Daniel walked aimlessly and Mariel walked the course of his beloved.
Daniel inadvertently was far from the free market entered the forest was surrounded by flowers, he turned to return to the palace but found the most perfect image that his eyes had seen, was Mariel, his beloved princess surrounded by flowers, went to meet him without saying words they kissed like never before ... Near their meeting was a cave, cave that was the perfect place to consummate their love.

Daniel dressed with kisses and flowers the body of his beloved.
Mariel surrendered her body and her innocence to the love of her life.
Late in the afternoon they arrived together at the castle that was revolutionized by the disappearance of the princess.
Only the cook had noticed the absence of Daniel, who saw him knew something was happening.
Daniel approached the King and confessed that he loved the princess, He gave the most beautiful speech the King had ever heard, professed words of love and eternal oath to the Princess Mariel.
The King and the Queen accepted this union, they knew that it would be an impact for many but they preferred that their daughter be happy.
And that's how Daniel and Mariel got married and they were happy forever.

thanks for your beautiful story @jdbs

A Constant Rebirth.

I am ready to live a new day, a cup of coffee available to take me while I enjoy the outdoors. From the garden of the hotel where I stay you can see a beautiful panoramic view, in my skin I feel like a fresh environment during the dawn revives the strength of my being.

There is nothing more comforting than to feel the goodness of nature, a new energy can be received every day to strengthen our inner and use that force to face the daily circumstances of life.

During all my life I had not been able to experience the rising of the sun as I am feeling it today, just look at that phenomenon to ignite our soul, everything begins again after each dawn, as the petals of the roses open and the leaves of the trees flicker joyfully open new opportunities and new moments.


Un Renacer Constante.

Dispuesto estoy para vivir un nuevo dia, una tacita de cafe dispongo para tomarme mientras disfruto del aire libre. Desde el jardin del hotel donde me hospedo se puede observar una hermosa panoramica, en mi piel siento como un ambiente fresco durante la alborada revive la fortaleza de mi ser.

No hay nada más reconfortante que sentir la bondad de la naturaleza, una nueva energía se puede recibir cada día para fortalecer nuestro interior y usar esa fuerza para afrontar las circunstancias diarias de la vida.

Durante toda mi vida no había podido experimentar el nacer del sol como hoy lo estoy sintiendo, basta con mirar ese fenomeno para encender nuestra alma, todo comienza de nuevo tras cada amanecer, así como se abren los petalos de las rosas y las hojas de los arboles flamean alegremente se abren nuevas oportunidades y nuevos momentos.

thanks for your beautiful description @jadnven

We had a good day in this beautiful place, we are a bit tired and we will spend the night here, watching this nature in this height is very useful for resting, our destination tomorrow is the summit of the mountain which is in front of us, where we see the sun disappearing and that also allows us to watch a very romantic sunset.

hello sir. in recent days you are displaying digital images of natural beauty. that is very unusual in my opinion. also with this digital image. in my opinion this picture shows that humans must be truly grateful for the beauty of nature that has been created by God. there are so many natural beauty found on this earth. like the sea, mountains, rivers, flowers, and so on.

life is very beautiful. with the abundance of natural beauty that God has created, there is no reason for humans to despair. humans must be passionate and grateful.

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Just like my Venezuela was, blooming and resplendent with its beautiful green body, some spectacular curves that delineated the limitations of its mountains, so I want to see it again, decorating everything at my pace and giving its color to those who live in it. Little Venice, as Venezuela is known for its warm nature and excellent landscapes that only with a glance can make you fall in love.


Asi tal cual era mi Venezuela, florecida y resplandeciente con su cuerpo verde hermoso, unas espectaculares curvas que delineaban las limitaciones de sus montañas, así la quiero ver nuevamente, adornando todo a mi paso y brindandole su colorido a los que habitamos en ella. La pequeña Venecia, así es conocida Venezuela por su naturaleza calida y excelentes paisajes que tan solo con una mirada pueden llegar a enamorarte.

thanks for your beautiful description @adeljose

Hello @xpilar, you are displaying a digital image again that is different from before. I always wait for your digital image. according to my description of the digital image you are displaying, this shows that there is a garden that has beauty on the coast.

the park has lots of flowers, and trees. but many people don't know this park. and if someone knows it, hopefully this park is always guarded. and don't let this park be damaged by other people. this is just my description of this digital image that you are displaying.

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a quiet valley,
Abundant water volume under the ground,
there are many Prosperous vegetations,
There is no any human here,
also there are no large animals and birds,
here is some paradise for small animals and insects.

Hello @xpilar
another beautiful digital art my friend.
i love the golden hour and you display it beautifully in your art.
The small green plants and golden hour looks perfect.
Awesome digital art my friend.
this one is the best art my friend.. thanks for share with us..

A spectacular natural beauty. I love the wooded areas, as well as the sample of the image.

very nice digital-art my dear friend @xpilar
great imagination

The paradise naked ...

That priceless place full of the most beautiful treasures. Natural treasures where you can see how it starts and do not know where it ends.

@mukhtarilyas, a beautiful view from the direction of the mountains to the horizon. @xpilar is getting ok. I am happy with your digital art. thanks. FB_IMG_1550133171469_1_1.jpg

beautiful picture @mukhtarilyas

Beautiful natural scenery with a sunset background, really the right time to enjoy its beauty. Its beauty is perfect.
Like @xpilar

Bella imagen, es una sensación sobrenatural la que se pueda sentir en algunas partes del mundo como esta que no ha caido en mano de la urbanización y que muestra la belleza natural de nuestro planeta.

Beautiful image, is a supernatural sensation that can be felt in some parts of the world like this one that has not fallen into the hands of urbanization and shows the natural beauty of our planet.

Beautiful to see this pic which is made with passion and imagination wonderful

this is a very beautiful sight that I just saw, with the light shining and hatching clouds - the clouds gave freshness to my mind to see such a good view, we rarely find such images. thank you sir xpilar for beautifying my mind seeing your picture.

This image is like a fleeting and quick thought about an experience in nature, full of vegetation and flowers.

Hey, it's looking like real place in India, fantastic art

Awesome sunset art :)

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I love your digital image, full of color and in honor of nature.

it seems like imagination about mountain images, that's very good

Green valleys mid the sea

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beautiful scenery, radiating colors when the sun almost sank

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the scenery is very beautiful and the nice sun and the clouds provide a natural beauty, I like to see this view.

Wow!! Just beautiful!! I remember my tour in Bandarban a hill place!!!
Hill in a hiding in clouds trun into me in a deam and I was hiding in this dream!!! Great @xpilar

Views of the mountains against a beautiful sunset background.

Hello @xpilar, a vegetal carpet covered with beautiful flowers that reflect their beauty when receiving the rays that radiates the sun when a new dawn appears.

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Greetings friend @pilar, I love this image, I feel like being in a beautiful fresh mountain, surrounded by aromatic flowers and a soft refreshing breeze.

Beautiful creation!

This picture of imajination is very beutifull @xpilar, i really like to see it. I want to learn how to draw imagery like you post every day, but i can't make it. Would you teach me how to make such imagery @xpilar?

@xpilar I like this photo, but I have a little suggestion, the atmosphere of the sea with the sunset then more storytelling again if added sailboats and birds fly with an image of the silhouette. This will describe the tranquility that cannot be paid for with money.

Congratulations @xpilar!
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You're welcome @xpilar

@xpilar, I want to give a title to this picture as, Way To Abundance.

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Let's be friends.

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