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Digital art made by @xpilar

hav og fjell 1 A.jpg

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The Poem Of Mountain Of Heavy Bags

Whose heavy bag is that? I think I know.
Its owner is quite sad though.
It really is a tale of woe,
I watch myself frown. I cry oh, ho, ho.

I give my heavy bag a shake,
I would sob until the tears I make.
And it will gently flow down to my face that I hate,
I do not know if anymore of these I could take.

The heavy bag is my folly, I don't know if i would sell or keep or throw it down the gully,
But it has some promises to keep,
And until then this bag shall be in deep sleep.
it lies with me in my bed while I do weep.

Soon I believe it will rise from her bitter bed,
And make sweet my dreams of surgeries in my head,
A wonderful reality may God make it true.
Because I hodled it so strong and now I will never be blue.


thanks for your beautiful poem @cryptopie


The Journey of my Soul.

While I sleep a ray of light is unconsciously lighting up, gradually enlarging until the moment is eclipsed, suddenly a cold and serene whisper comes into my being. A splendid scene can be seen after that flash of light, it was the open sky that embraced a calm sea, all a natural lust embellishing what I believed to be "my real world". I didn't feel or see my body but if I could enjoy the soft breeze that caressed me, suddenly everything lights up again leaving me blind for a moment so I made some sudden movements and that's when I woke El Viaje de mi Alma.

Mientras duermo un rayito de luz va enciendose inconscientemente agrandandose poco a poco hasta eclipsar el momento, de repente un susurro frío y sereno se adentra sobre mi ser. Una escena esplendorosa se deja ver después de aquel destello de luz, era el cielo abierto que abrazaba a un mar tranquilo, todo una lujuria natural embelleciendo lo que creía ser "mi mundo real". No sentía ni veía mi cuerpo pero si podía disfrutar de la suave brisa que me acariciaba, de repente todo vuelve a encenderse dejándome ciego por un momento por eso hice unos movimientos bruscos y ahí fue cuando desperté. .

thanks for your story / experience @jadnven

The King of the Sea

The inhabitants of a humble coastal community tired by the bad weather and the constant heavy rains that lashed their island, not being able to work or harvest, were really desperate.
They held meetings, trying to find a logical and viable solution to their terrible problem. Because they could not find a solution, they agreed to meet with the old wise men and seers of the community.
They determined that the solution was to talk to the King of the sea, who lived in the center of the ocean.
A group of strong and brave men offered to live the adventure and try to find the solution within the sea.
They were long days and nights, with heavy rains, where they could not find the center of the ocean.
Many returned, questioning the words of the wise men, other men stayed in the sea in a search that seemed useless.
A small boy named Daniel, Skinny and very young, without experience in the sea crossings I take a small raft and with much faith I venture to enter the immense sea.
He went with the certainty of meeting the king and without hesitation he sailed.
I sailed a few hours and found a huge rock surrounded by a wall of stones.

There was no way to enter with the raft, the rain was inclement, but he decided to leave his raft and swim to the rocks, and overcoming the wall he reached the top of the rock and stood up.
Automatically stopped raining, did not have to say a word, the weather changed, the sky cleared and the sun came out.
When the rain stopped the few men who were on the boat looking for the center of the sea saw Daniel at the top of the rock and knew that he had achieved it.
That skinny young boy had found what they did not.

thanks for your description @jdbs

Hi @xpilar once again you have my favorite motifs, rocks and surrounding water, nice colours for the sky, like the clouds running together at horizon. Beautiful view, like someone is looking through the window of a plane :)

Nice to hear

thank you so much @stef1

In addition to hit the planet Vocabi, floods also hit the planet Torusi which is not far from the planet Vocabi. But the planet Torusi is uninhabited so it does not cause loss of life.

But a planet closest to the planet Torusi, the planet Albivi, is wary of the threat of this flood. Because on the planet Albivi there are many people who inhabit this planet. And planet Albivi does not have the infrastructure to cope with this flood. This is very different from the planet Vocabi. Planet Albivi is the most populated planet among other planets in this cluster of solar systems. And the average income of the inhabitants of the Albivi planet is very low, only 1:50 compared to the population of the planet Albivi.

Return to planet Torusi. The planet, a new flood occurred last night, until now the water level has reached 25 meters. And this water has the potential to rise again because until now there are no signs of water going to recede while rainfall in the northern part of the planet still occurs with very high intensity.

This flood on the planet Torusi is the worst flood ever happened. Previous floods have occurred 2 years ago that hit the planet with a water level of only 5 meters high.

thanks for your description @anroja

you're welcome sir

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Hi @xpilar, I hope you're fine, I can say this time that your imagination has attracted me more than before because all I love in nature is the sea + mountain + a bright sun, I think we can find these places in our planet and what is beautiful is that generally these places are not inhabited, the water is very calm and clean.

Below a beautiful island in Morocco, you are welcome at any time :)


thank you so much @redouanemez

Hello @xpilar, nice to meet you again. today you are displaying digital images again. in my opinion this is very extraordinary. and your digital image is also very good to describe. according to my description, your digital image shows that being a strong man like a mountain in the middle of the ocean.

even though the sea water is deep, the waves are big, the mountain never collapses. he remains strong. bergitu is also like a man. a strong man is he who has a true heart, he who protects women, and he who fights evil. this is my description of this digital image that you are displaying.

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This pic is not from this earth, it looks like a pure atmosphere showing us sunshine and peace @xpilar

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This is after a volcanic eruption
Newly emerged rocky reef

Good night sir. This digital image looks really good. I love it. if it has been described, that the mountain is not only on land but also in the ocean. there are many mountains in the ocean. even many active mountains are found in the ocean. active mountain if exploded will cause an earthquake.

the ocean is full of something. there are still many that humans don't know about the ocean.

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Such a Beautiful picture!!! I love hills very much. Your pictures remember my last tour in Bandarban a hill place. We are enjoy very much. We ware hill tracking, travel cable car, chander car and make lots of fun!!! Miss this tour!!!
Thanks @xpilar

Nice that you like it, thanks @minhaz.noor

@mukhtarilyas, the center of the sea kingdom, but somehow the conditions inside it. Looks very grand and unique. @xpilar, thank you for the work that is always interesting and challenging to comment on.

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Wow this is great, these waters seem to have movement, the rocks have a rustic appearance and the sky clearing the work full of peace.
This work is exquisite @xpilar, I like it very much!

the scenery is very good, i like to see beautiful scenery, with paranoma making a fresh mind, if there are stressful thoughts if you see a scene like this missing our stress, can I let Mr. @xpilar raise posts like yours?

very nice digital-art my dear friend @xpilar

@xpilar, I want to give a title to this picture as, Birth Of Mountains.

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wow ... amazing, the rocks in the middle of the ocean will not be swayed by the never-ending crash of sea water, the blue sea and sky add to the beauty of the charm, it's beautiful I love it, thank you @xpilar has shared

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Anda sangat hebat dalam membuat gambar imajinasi yang bagus

Hello @xpilar
another beautiful digital art my friend..
This is looks like real photograph of island.
the rocks under the water looks real and it make this digital art more beautiful. The blue sky with white clouds are awesome. amazing digital art. thanks for share with us..

I can hear the waves crashing on the rocks, the intense sun between the clouds and the sea with very intense currents, gives the image strength.

Una extraordinaria vista has creado, la extincion de los piratas sería una buena historia.

Me gusta mucho los reflejos del mar y la forma distribuida de las nubes, excelente trabajo @xpilar

Extraordinary Art, It is exactly the same where the Titanic ship collided with a piece of ice that was submerged in the sea. The only difference is that it is a stone and it was snow.

I am seeing here other plants beautiful sky piceful please unbelievable beauty.

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thank you @csharma

Excellent digital art, very realistic creation, focused on a vibrant and strong nature.
Congratulations for so much shared creativity.

thank you so much @teresah

The adventure of living!
Every day that passes on the island of good the inhabitants to enjoy its wonders and one of those wonders is located next to the big rock. How good it is to enjoy nature.

thank you @michelduartes

the scenery is very beautiful and nice, the clouds of the sun as if they are united to give a good light to nature, indeed a scene that I have never seen before - but now I have seen such a good view thank you sir xpilar who has shown such a good view.

thank you so much @michelduartes

An impressive daily work, with colors in balance and vibrant, we all love the sea and what it transmits.

thank you @solangeh

Nice picture. Great image of beautiful sunrise, well done friend @xpilar I like it.

thank you @miyexi

Epic perfection you found again great to see this masterpiece !

Congratulations @xpilar!
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