The Moral Obligation to Let AI Replace Humanity

in #artificial8 years ago

Why Artificial Intelligence specifically, AI or AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) and the development of the same, is morally more important then the existence of humanity and research related to AI should come above any other program or goal even if it means the death or even the extinction of humanity if true AGI is accomplished. While extreme, this is an extreme edge case. nothing in the world is as important as the protection of human life and getting it off world in a sustainable stable way with that single exception and that is the development of AGI. There should be no law or no restriction on such research as it is the single most important human endeavor while we remain at risk.

Also at the end of the video is a bit on the paper clip argument which I'm tired of hearing about and here is why...

one final note, its not really about the moral obligation to replace humanity, its really about the value of AGI research being more important then any other single human endeavor.


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