Self-Improvement through Art, the Challenge. 30 attempts at painting my rabbit. #1 [Watercolour]

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I'm a lazy piece of blank,
and while I keep having hundreds of ideas,
plan ahead for so many possibilities,
I hardly ever go through with even trying most of the things that my stupid little brain gets excited about.

It's a long, lazy day at work,
and I come up with a plot for the next bestselling book.
Then I come back home, and I don't even write down one of the ideas I had throughout the day.

So many things I want to learn about but never even try doing a 5 minutes google research.

I get an idea for an article on politics, philosophy, science,
a book I got interested in, a film I liked,
you name it.
In the end, I either forget my train of thought, or just cannot seem to get to it.

Today, I actually sat down, whipped out my fiance's watercolour paints and did something!
I've been planning for a while to pick up some form of art, whether would it be drawing, painting or crafting, whatever.

I have not been on friendly terms with watercolour paints for years.
I think I never really learned how to actually use those properly.

I want to take this opportunity of ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING, and put it into good use.
I want to make an attempt to sit down, and hopefully over a period of 30 days,
FORCE myself to produce 30 watercolour paintings.

I invite You to go on this journey with me,
and see how much, if at all, my use of watercolour improves.

The subject very close to my heart,
one of my two rabbits, Rex.

This is the Day 1 entry:


It's pretty bad, I know.
I have no idea what I'm doing.

Here's the original photograph of that little fat demon I'm using for an inspiration:

Yes, it is indeed my profile picture as well.
It's pretty good. Simple. I like it, fight me.



Rabbit! That looks like a rabbit at least :)

I haven't discovered how to wield watercolor paint brush to draw anything discernible.

Ok, moving on to day 2...

Still a better water color painting that what I could do. #truestory

I am in the team with @adamada. BTW are you sure no animal were harmed in the process of making the painting? 🐰 😉

I'm an animal and I was hurt with the sense of incompetence to paint anything. ;)

You picked the winning side. We have jackets and cookies. Plus dental health benefits.