Art show in Nelson, BC at Urban Legends the set-up and display on for 60 days.

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I was recently fortunate enough to land an art show in Nelson, British Columbia, Canada at a very popular headshop on Baker Street two paintings sold already for all those artists keep hustling, for all those viewers keep connecting!


Final touches with clear coat and edges.




insta_3 copy.jpg

insta-bam copy.jpg



Brevity of Zen



City 5000, Bubba-Fetta, Sci-Fi City, Tangerine Onion, Red Mountain

Screen Shot 2021-04-28 at 12.43.39 AM.png


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Awesome paintings! Take care!

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Wow how I wish I have the talent like yours po! It's beautiful dear, and I know if I'm going to buy that maybe I can't afford because it's expensive lol!

I can always send you resolution images of the paintings for you to print ;)

Wow really dear I wanted too yay!