Paranoia. Pen drawing.

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Hello everyone. Here we go again with another clusterfuck of a piece. I used magnifying glasses to draw this one. I originally wanted to do a drawing of common fears, some of those are still in here, but I decided to get a bit nutty.


9x12". Pen on paper.

Some necessary close ups:






I believe this piece took me 25+ hours to complete. For the most part it was a therapeutic journey.

Get grim!
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It looks like a serious doodle that got out of control. There is so much detail and can see how time consuming it is. I used to doodle while on the phone and these days having cell phones haven't done one of these for 20 odd years.

oh man, yeah. The days of doodling on the phone are over! Basically. I miss those days as well.

Really? you did it by using magnifying glass? It is very impressive and thank you for the detail photos, they are very helpful to understand the level of work:) I guess you are familiar with Horror Vacui , you are a very good representative of this form:)

I would suggest to start posting your amazing artworks at nTopaz Platform It is the artist's community and your amazing artworks will get more attention there. Check it and if you need any help, feel free to ask:)

Yes, I have these ridiculous glasses with a light on the end: Me_glasses.png

I'll definitely check out the nTopaz Platform. This is my first time hearing about it.

Hahaha, this is so cool!

Yes the platform is rather new, i think you would like the experience:) Check it and if you need any help i am here:)

Amazing drawing with great details man :)

Good lookin out, @rifkan.

This is frikkin cool, @achristopherart. Thanks for tagging #artzone. 25 hours and magnifying glasses—bravo, sir. :applause:

Fears and paranoia come hand to hand if you ask me, and this piece depicts ti really well, the choice you made to draw everything in black and white adds another level to it and the fact that is a clusterfuck makes this feel even more claustrophobic, this is amazing, thanks for sharing!

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Thank you so much. I enjoy doing these microscopic details.

Clusterfuck of a piece, nice words there :p

The work here put me in awe, the more closer I look the more details I see.
Did it in 25+ hours is also an astonishing fact for me, I judged it as a work of years. :)

Haha thanks. An artist once told me, "When someone asks you how long a piece took to make, tell them you your whole life." I like that approach.

This is some universe you have created here.
I can see how complex it can be to keep a sense of structure and balance of so many elements.
It is nightmarish in more than one way. I think that many of us share some of the fears depicted here. My wife hates clowns and some bugs. I have recurrent nightmares of maze-like places where I always get lost.
I think this is a brilliant work of art

So many details altogether.
I'm impressed! Very cool creation @achristopherart!
Which face is your favorite? :)

Thanks for sharing your work with us.

I really like the moth in the middle-bottom. And thank you.

Very cool! Thanks for sharing with us!

Hello @achristopherart! I admire you for having the patience to do such a small and detailed drawing. I've never done a so small drawing like that, not use magnifying glass for drawing.
However, I love the result, especially looking and the close-up photos. It's fantastic. I can see where the 25+ hours were spent.
May I ask what kind of pen were you using? Must have been something thin.
Anyway, congratulation, exceptional work!

Hey thanks. I use a Rotring Isograph pen. Size .10. They are refillable and pretty amazing once you get the hang of them.

Thank you for getting back to me. I have to look for one and try it out.

hi @achristopherart
really an extraordinary job! Did the therapeutic journey help you deal with some phobias? Among the various images is there also a plane that falls?
Congratulations and thank you for sharing with us

Thanks. I don't actually have any phobias that I'm aware of. I did not put a plane in there, I left out quite a few things.

I do however, sometimes feel completely ashamed to leave my apartment. I cannot figure that one out.

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you won everything with this artwork as well as with your special drawing glasses :)
I love this detail's overdose leading for the hours of analyzing the work

Detail overdose sounds a little more professional than "Clusterfuck of a drawing". I should go with that. Also, thank you.

That is amazing.

Seriously the time you took in drawing was valuable, every detail is clean and very simplified, you are really cool!