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Hey guys my name here on steemit is crazyartist & indeed i am ... joined not long ago..hope to Info & Entertain you mainly a painter
but lately since i joined steemit i have started making some digital art designs based on my own painting style
I have discovered these last few weeks the digital art world & i love it &i believe its getting better & better really quickly
Its so amazing what you can do from your simple private phone really cause I use the most simple free apps & my proffetional secrate is screemshoots & combine between them.
For example This is an image journy i had yesterday :)


As you can see i like rough brashes &
I love people -love faces -love underdog expressive creachers- love eyes that really seeing you not just looking. Actually i have been painting for 15 years thousand of portrait
The problem with the digital art, is same like with live painting & maybe more serious. The problem is where do i stop & before i know it i have a city of you about to see here..what can i do...anyhow

Would love to here your opinion
which one you like best 1-10
I really hope to meet nice intresting artist & colaburate on this exciting platform
As you can notice my english is poor but ill get better has i go along i & hape to make all kind of intresting videos has i go along ..well will see about that :)...

this is my web for my original painting

These are the upp i use recently to make diggital art
you can see many more examples in my blog feed

Cheers & goodluck to everyone here