[Sound Series]

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About a year or so ago, I did a sound series in which I chose three songs and tried to express visually how it feels to listen to them.
The first was “Why” by Annie Lennox.
9F3DC0F9-3AB0-48CC-8B74-FA469C1FD635.jpegI wanted to make the person listening seem desaturated so I did the portraits in graphite and charcoal. At the same time, I wanted the “feeling” to be in full color (done in watercolor). I also added gold leaf to express the music. 5156D286-2806-47A6-B875-66B39378725E.jpeg Each person is wearing earbuds and if you look closely, you’ll find the lyrics written on the cords. 4351A278-BDE0-4DD8-8D0C-BF23DFAE4084.jpeg
I attached a very short (because I forgot to take plenty of pics) progress video with the accompanying song.

The second piece was to [Feel For Me] by Foy Vance. 3C79398A-185E-4818-A980-CD27CDEF9545.jpeg
The song is so smooth and it just drips with emotion. I wanted the music to almost fall onto the listener, resting easy on his shoulders. F455DC6B-4961-41F8-854F-6E7FFF6B570A.jpegIn the video, I included a little snippet of this beautiful song.

The final piece was to [Wicked Game] by Chris Isaak. DAEB2473-AF53-4824-A955-057894D3686E.jpegThis song is so good it makes my hair stand on end. I wanted the listener to look as though she’s being swept away. 9EB75176-5DC5-4787-8D7F-A3E38231851D.jpeg
Because of copyright, I can’t include the actual song in the video. Give it a listen when you get a chance. I did this video to “Earth” by Garth Stevenson (which I also love).


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