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Hello all hive blog friends, on this occasion I will share some photos of flower photos in the garden in front of my house.
In recent months, flower plants have not been properly cared for because interest in eating flowers has decreased, after a few months ago, flowers became prima donna in the eyes of mothers who said that every flower must be owned and in house plants.


In Aceh, flowers symbolize a girl who does not have a husband and a man is symbolized by a bee, every time there is a proposal from one side of the man mentions a woman with flowers while depending on the Acehnese language.

The flower that I photographed is a purple rose, I planted the flower in front of my house to beautify my home page, the roses are very beautiful plus the fragrance of the flowers.

I myself have a story about this rose, but I can't tell it more fully, back then when I was dating a few years ago, I had time to make him happy by giving this bouquet of flowers to him in secret, he took it with a very happy face, and He put it in a glass bottle.

it was the sugariest thing i did when i was in a relationship, but it was only once in my life, and i wouldn't do it again except with my wife.

That's my short article on my hive blog, thank you to all those who have supported me on the hive blog platform.

best regards


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