Some Memories Of 3rd Asian Games 1958, Tokyo

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Memories Of The Asian Games, 1951 to 2014

1958 Asian Games, 24 May To 01 June.

1820 Players From 20 Countries Participated.

13 Games, 112 Competitions.

With 138 Medals (67 Gold, 41 Silver, 30 Bronze), Japan once again topped the table for the third time.

With 13 Medals (05 Gold, 04 Silver, 04 Bronze), India Remained Seventh Position In The Table.

The 287-member team participated in the behalf of the host country, which was the largest contingent of sports.

Philippians was second with 152 athletes largest team. India sent 79 players.

Resume of torch

The tradition of torch began for the first time on the basis of Olympic. The torch relay started with riesel Memorial Stadium in Manila four years ago.

New Star found as Flying Sikh

In these first time in Japan's capital Tokyo, India got a new hero in the form of Flying Sikh Milkha Singh. Milkha won with 200 meters (21.6 seconds) race record He got the distinction of becoming the champion by overtaking Pakistan's Fastest runner Abdul Khaliq. For the first time both athlete ran together in a tournament. After this Milkha Singh completed the Golden Double by winning the gold medal of 400 (47 seconds) race.

In the first hockey included in these games, India had to satisfy with silver. The Indian team, led by Balbir Singh, came to the silver in the account of India, due to the lack of final goals in the overall goal of the game. Table tennis, tennis, judo and volleyball were also included for the first time in these games.

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