Steemit's Trending Page Is Entirely in Korean. Trying To Find My Place In The World

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Every Day During the pandemic is like that movie groundhog day for me, Nothing changes.

And I wake up to check my daily steem war and realize that I either forgot english or that the entire page is in Korean.

I'm not sure what to make of it only that I know steemit is popular in Korea and Justin Sun must be Korean. Hurrah for them!!

But where do I fit in. My 3rd steemit birthday is coming up and I still plan to rescue my money because I bough near the top. If after nearly 3 years of posting and curating if steem reaches $.68 I will be made hole.

That has been my plan and it looks like a good one until the first time I heard of Justin Sun. I know nothing about him other than for some reason or another, she shook my tree.

While enjoy hive I have high hopes but low expectations for the platform. I have lots of reasons but I'm sticking it out. Im a very loyal guy and I'm willing to help at all times. But I was the same way on steem so it is hard to let go. (well at least until my power down)

So I want to ask hive their thoughts on the state of steem with regard to a future pump. If it is turning korean and justin has enough to pump it, then seems to me that he will at some point. I would like to exit on a pump.

But also I would like to get into the hive club. I seem to be an outsider. I get no votes but I curate. I can write great posts and nobody cares or I can do a quickly and it gets engagement.

I'm waiting til i'm accepted as a value part of the community so I can bring influencers onboard and hold their hands through the learning curve. I tried that on steemit and the bounced out by donwvotes and weird comments.

I'm talking about people with 50,000 to 1,000,000 or more followers. But I won't do it until I feel a part of this things and my onboards will do well.

Heck i have a facebook page with 181,000 active fans I could bring over for a niche but hive isnt ready. I have someone else lined up to bring a martial arts community with 116,000 followers . He's ready but I have to guarantee that Hive will support his followers. I have to really believe hive will support new members because It went so badly on steemit.


Yeah! I noticed that too. All Korean! I'm glad that I transitioned to Hive, not that I have anything against my Korean brothers and sisters! I love those people... even if I don't understand what they are writing. But with that much Korean on the front page... I would feel like a fish out of water. It doesn't seem healthy somehow especially when you consider how many people were on the network from all around the world... before.

Yeah... I can relate. I have been thinking a lot about when I would like to bring my Fitbit and Twitter followers over to Hive. As well, I have been thinking about what it means to have a healthy community (online and offline). We need things to be healthy here before I consider letting people know about the Hive Blockchain.

About the high friend counts on some of these accounts (and low up-vote/engagement). Don't worry (or worry?) about that... Interestingly enough, I have been going carefully through my follower list. You wouldn't believe how many of those accounts are either bots or inactive accounts. 😬

For me activity and engagement is a good indicator for over all community health...

What do you think @cflclosers?

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I would be interested to hear your thoughts on this now that some water has passed under the bridge.