A Sneak Peak at One Of My Projects

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I won't go into details... and if you ask questions, I reserve the right to be extremely cryptic about everything I say... but... hey, take a look at this:

Astral Exiles

Long ago, when the world was young, and mortals were yet the playthings of gods; there was a war. An eternal war that raged across the surface of Arcaylia.

The Gods, with all their accursed power, would bring into existence vast swaths of mortals. Humans, Dwarves, Orcs, Giants; the gods each fell in behind their chosen champions and fought for dominance over the yet untamed lands.

But the mortals, young as they were and inexperienced besides, knew not why they fought each other. Some of them rebelled and fled from the carnage. They ran as far as they could, to the ends of the world, which back then were not so formed as they are now.

Back then there were pathways beyond Arcaylia, tiny cracks in the mortar of reality through which some were able to plot an escape. But to where? Beyond Arcaylia lay the vast and open emptiness of the Astrallet, the Astral Plane as it is known in some circles. I call it the Astral Sea for its ways are not unlike the vast Oceans most of us know.

The first who passed through the crack never returned and remain hidden to this day. And the rebelling mortals, Giant-kin and Man-child alike, stood and were fearful, for without escape they would be forced again into the brutal and senseless wars, likely against each other, whom they had begun to call friend.

But a change brewed amongst the Gods, a force far grander than they, of which I shall not speak for I should not know as much as I do and you should know less for the safety of your souls, decided it was time the wars ended. For Arcaylia did not belong to the Gods, the Gods were of Arcaylia and as such were cast upon it.

This was the Godfall and it is a story for another time.

It was during this time that one God, a peaceful God who saw the mortals’ plight, came to them in disguise and bade them follow them into the Void of the Astral Sea. And though the mortals were fearful, they followed for the unknown ahead was far more inviting than the char and ruin they left behind.

Thus began a long journey, one that continues today and one that you are now a part of. Long ago our ancestors were those that fled Arcaylia and made our home here, in The Nexus of Worlds. We know its name only from the writings on the dais that holds the Portal through which we maintain our existence. The Nexus provides us only with shelter and safety amongst the Void, it does not grant us resources for sustenance or industry.

That is why you are here today, though I hardly think I need to tell you, you know why you volunteered. You are now an explorer. A hero who braves the wilds of the Astral and brings home what our people need to survive.

Now, In an orderly fashion and without any further ado…
Step up to the Registrar and be recorded, for the wilds are not without dangers and we would know the names of our heroes.

Be Well and Good Luck Explorers.
You Will Need It.

Grand Chancellor Leora Trenden