Me and the moon

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Because of you, @astrophoto.kevin, my attention was drawn to this contest by @svemirac who invited to participate in his moon contest.

I´m a person who is highly attracted by nature and by all of her miracles. I can stare for hours (if my children allow me to) at the sun going down, tinting clouds in different colors. I´m also fascinated by the nightsky, which is inspiring me so much. I´m not a technical photographer and I don´t have high end equipement. But I always grab my camera to take pictures of the moon every time I think it´s a special view.
So here´s my moon...


Canon EOS 60D
SIGMA DC 18-250mm 1:3.5-6.3
Exposure 1/250
ISO 400

I also call myself kind of an artist who transforms the things that inspire me into my own tiny world.
I hope you enjoy these pictures too.




And here´s the most epic song I know about the moon. I love it a lot.

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Thank you for reading! | Danke für´s Lesen!


Der absolute HAMMER @patschwork 👏😍
Super Mondbild, super Musik, aber die anderen Bilder... absoluter Wahnsinn. Und wenn ich dann noch überlege wieviel Zeit und Arbeit da rein geflossen sind, werden sie nur noch wahnsinniger 😊

Oh danke.. Mit so viel Begeisterung hab ich nicht gerechnet 🙈 Arbeit ist das ja nicht, das ist Entspannung ;)

Gerne 😊
Viel Zeit wird aber trotzdem rein geflossen sein 😉

Wow! :) That song is amazing... I've played it in the background in one of the browsers... and then I was drawn into it... but took me about a minute to find where the hell is it coming from. Thank you.

Oh, did I say the photo is cool; but art... art is astonishing, it reminded me of an old video .

Thanks, oh and feel free to join in our community (

Thank you so much for your kind comment.. Yes, I love this song. The band is great, but for me, that's their masterpiece. I'm glad you like it.

Thank you for showing that video, it's new to me and I really like the concept.... It's so creative!

Schönes Foto und eine super Umsetzung in deiner kleinen Welt ;-) Danke für den wunderschönen Song!!!! Ganz liebe Grüße zu euch allen! Kadna !jeenger !invest_vote !BEER !COFFEEA

Ich danke DIR, mit ganz lieben Grüßen zurück...

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