Waterfall Dance by Indus Rush

Waterfall Dance by Indus Rush

This song was written around a training run in the G chord on the 12 string guitar. I suddenly realized it would make a great melody, and so it was born. The lyrics are somewhat dubious though, but was really about a time when I was in Malaysia and came across a girl swimming in a waterfall pool absolutely naked! I didn't want to startle her, so I hid behind a bush, in the hope that she's get out and go, as I had come down to do my washing. But my interest peaked and even though I wanted to look away, I kept having a sneak peep! Very pervy of me I'm ashamed to say, but in those days, there was no such expression, nor any political correctness. She eventually left and didn't see me, and nor did I see her again....only in my dreams!

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I saw you swimming in the pool
of the waterfall,
Dancing in the curtain like a nymph
so cool!

I watched you swim in the sunlight,
I watched as you danced.
Your body was naked, I waited, then slowly advanced

Your hair was sparkling like a jewel
In the waterfall,
While you were dancing I knew
I wanted you!

I was enlightened, my senses were heightened, mmmm
Now I'd seen beauty, I wanted to come in
with you..

Wondering if I’d ever know the girl
In the waterfall
Would I ever get to touch and feel
Feel it all?

In all of creation, well my admiration was real
I want so badly to make love so madly, with you.

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About Indus Rush…, aka Stephen Whitby. That’s the artist name I use as the vehicle to release my music to the wider world. After Years of travelling, firstly as a child, and then throughout my adult life, I now reflect upon some of the stories, relationships, experiences and journeys I went through, and put them into the catchy songs I create in my Dalbeattie Studio in South West Scotland, under the name of Indus Rush. I especially like to write about places I’ve been to and incidentally, the very name “Indus Rush” actually comes from one of those places, Attock, in the Punjab, Pakistan, where the Indus river rushes past carrying the snows of the Himalayas down to the Indian ocean, past the old Fort.

As a child I listened to the great Bands and producers of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s including Brian Wilson and George Martin and the Beatles, and had many other favourites such as the Kinks, the Small Faces, Gong, Caravan, Kayak and Klaatu. Most of the music I loved bordered on rock and pop, reggae and symphonic. Most of these genres are present in Indus Rush tunes.

I am a Londoner by birth, but after 10 years in the Netherlands, 20 in Thailand, and having lived 3 years in Pakistan as a child, I speak more of an international English now, as well as Dutch, French and Thai. I’m heavily influenced by a World culture, which is plainly audible in my music. I sometimes consider myself as the dreamer in Lennons’ “Imagine” – no religion, no countries or borders, I wish they didn’t exist, but I’m not naive enough to overlook human nature’s quest for belonging, for nationalism, greed and of course man’s power hungry behaviour. You can sometimes hear this in some of the more gritty lyrics in my songs, “The Love Ambassadors” for example.

Whist in Thailand I managed and ran the famous Secret Garden Sunday music session, and as a direct result of that I had the opportunity to play with many pro musicians. Amongst others I played with many exciting musicians including Adrian Fisher (GB), Sparks guitarist famous for the lick in “This Town Ain’t Big Enough…, Hans Vermeulen (NL) of Sandy Coast and The Rest, and producer of Stars on 45, Jaap de Jonckheere (NL) of Urban Heroes, G Carlsberg (NL) of Herman Broods Wild Romance, Matt Kelly (USA) of The Grateful Dead, Kingfish & New Riders of the Purple Sage, Wolfgang Rohde (D) of Die Toten Hosen, Ian Fisher (USA) of The Cowboys and John ‘Sparko’ Sparks (GB) of Dr Feelgood.

I now share my time between Scotland, Thailand and the Netherlands, but produce my music wherever i happen to be when the inspiration hits me.

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