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Trust in a general sense is an extremely essential piece of how people collaborate with each other. It is extraordinarily difficult to get and easy to lose, along these lines normally sensitive to start trust. A standard response for ensuring trust between at least two individuals turn around the use of an expert or agent that goes about as the obviously partner for the elements. If two accomplices can't trust in each other, they put their trust in a go between whose individual stakes are not explicitly connected with the sections of the trade, only that the trade between the accomplices is done as real and its outcome unadulterated.

Blockchain technology is planned to setting the pace in the third-party trust execution business models. A standout amongst the most market troubles is the issue of trust towards incorporated money related organizations in a by and large decentralized condition. Middleman expert impact threats to the ecosystem supportability, bringing frailty to manipulative and regulative exercises.

Atomic Wallet significantly deals with these issues delineated above by displaying another platform that is beneficial, versatile decentralized response for simple and successful exchanges, straightforward, untampered advanced money trading.
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Atomic Wallet platform is the minimum complex way to deal with interface buyers and merchants inside a decentralized system. That is the reason Atomic Wallet is an absolutely new kind of decentralized cross-blockchain exchange.

Uniqueness Of Atomic Wallet
It is Secured: Users private keys and passwords will be scrambled that such nobody can get to any longer once inputted into the platform. Just such client has control over his/her indispensable points of interest.

Atomic wallet gives more raised measure of security in the accompanying ways;

  1. Assets/resources can be from external wallets

  2. Private keys can be Imported in different ways

  3. Wallets are sponsored Up with 12 word phrases

  4. Store private keys in a securely scrambled arrangement

  5. The keys are kept in an encoded organization, put away on the end-customer contraption

  6. Keys can be ensured with the passphrase for all the recorded resources on the platform

Atomic Swap: Users can make usage of decentralized Atomic Swap to proceed with cross-chain exchange keeping up a key separation from outcast perils. Moreover, for coins not yet supported by Atomic Swap, Atomic wallet has worked in ShapeShift and Changelly exchanges.

Multi-Currency: Atomic Wallet right currently supports in excess of 300 coins and tokens. It's the most accommodating way to deal with manage all your crypto assets. The rundown is revived each day and the gathering of Atomic wallet keeps pursuing for extra monetary forms to be incorporated soon!

Features Of Atomic Wallet
Atomic wallet platform is multifunctional and serves more than three hundred sorts of advanced currencies.The structure is decentralized, and isn't costly in upkeep.Astounding, easy to-keep up, forefront and instinctual interface makes extraordinary working conditions.The openness of the site for any working system will give a tremendous improvement of the planned accomplices and audience.Safe storing of benefits. A strong security system makes the wallet and individual data of individuals distant to unlawful activities.Transparency of the structure gives order over portion trades, which gives additional security to the task.The flexible versatile application scales the project and makes simple openness in all edges of the world.Crediting of computerized cash resources on a wallet.Trade resources inside the wallet.Utilizing the SPV (Simplified Transaction Verification) structure.

The Atomic Wallet will dispatch its own token, named the Atomic Pocketbook Coin (AWC). An astringent limit of 100 Million AWC will without a doubt be set up, never anytime to be extended. AWC will emphatically run just on the ETH blockchain with ERC20.

Ticker: AWC

Type: ERC: 20 Symbol

Full name: Atomic Budget Coin or AWC

Decimals: 8

Complete supply: 100,000,000 AWC

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