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I've been quiet for a while, mainly because the last few months were insanely busy. I'm now undertaking some new projects, and diving into season two of Round Table Radio, which I again plan to host on the Hive network via Aureal. While it's not as advanced as hosting platforms found elsewhere, I dislike the idea of tossing in my lot with yet another of the "free" monopolies for podcasters that already exist, and I lack the funds to pay for one of the professional platforms.

The last season saw scant interaction from people on Hive, but I fear that may have been due to my own inability to promote myself here properly. This next season is going to feature interviews with people from all over the writing world (literally), so I'm really hopeful it can generate some interest, especially as I'll be liberally cross-posting to various Hive channels.


Dear @indubitablyodin, we need your help!

The Hivebuzz proposal already got important support from the community. However, it lost its funding a few days ago and only needs a bit more support to get funded again.

May we ask you to support it so our team can continue its work?
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Thank you!