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RE: [Adventure Ready Milestone Marker] OCT.05.2021

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The abusive downvotes I see here have caused me to loose my enthusiasm for Hive. People are treated as being disposable. I want a friendlier place to spend my time.


Melinda, we never spoke before, but I have seen you around. Can you please give me specific example of 'abusive downvote'?

And if she gives you an answer you don't want to hear will you zero out and own her account @azircon?

You know... Well off (lots of stake) or starting out (small amounts of stake) we all have a right to our voice and the full appreciation of our audiences (the people who appreciate us and want to hear from us). THAT is fundamentally what Hive represents to many of us owners here on the blockchain.

Ultimately we are all a network of support (I would hope so anyways) for better outcomes on and off this blockchain... and it is only when people see the blockchain (and certain people on it) behaving in unsupportive ways that they reconsider their place within that social structure.

We have seen abuse in many shapes and forms on this blockchain... especially recently.

And everything that cascades from those events has their consequences to the wellbeing of all those here... including yourself.

We want to bring our ideas (and friends, family, and famous) to this blockchain and make this s better place; a destination and a beacon for what's possible here... But we can't do that in an unfriendly social environment where our stake and that of our audience is not honored and respected.

You have taken the liberty of coming to my blog. Normally I wouldn't talk with you because that is what you asked for and I respected the request. But now that you are here on my blog and asking questions... I have decided to give you an answer even if Melinda doesn't feel comfortable enough to speak with you.

We have seen abuse in many shapes and forms on this blockchain... especially recently.

I confirm this. I saw some people downvoted one of your comments to 0 even under my post. And the comment was long, meaningful and engaging. We had a good discussion. I do not understand why they downvoted your comment. The downvote abuse is really starting to ruin this place.

They DV’ed me because I stoodUP to someone who was bullying another person on the blockchain. (And there is a pack of them.) I regrettably decided to DV the offending comment and take away the rewards as I didn’t think it deserved to be placed (and featured) at the top of the posts conversation and it certainly didn’t deserve to be rewarded for its abusive nature.

This tripped off a cascade of DV spamming all across my account for the last 2 days.


Oh! And I also stoodUP to a whale that was on MY business blog telling me what I could and couldn’t do with my PoweredUP (business) capital and who I could and couldn’t talk to on MY business post.

I don’t like bullies. (No matter how much stake they have.) I don’t like abuse. When I see it I don’t like to walk on by and pretend that everything’s hunky dorry on this blockchain... step right UP everybody! Invest your business capital, invest your portfolio capital, invest your personal capital! (Give US your money basically) buuuut by the way... we get to tell you what you can and can’t do with your business on this blockchain (rather than further evolve the blockchains deficiencies at the base layer.)

This is turning into a PR problem but these people don’t seem to realize what they are doing to their own investments in this blockchain (let alone the friendly inviting social culture Hive could be) by continuing to perpetuate an undeveloped DV protocol.

Surely SOMEONE @blocktrades? Is measuring the effect this is having socially and financially on this blockchain?

This is all about trust. User trust, investor trust, entrepreneur trust in this blockchain. You can’t just talk about innovation. At some point someone has to listen and deliver for a user friendly Hive experience... 🤷‍♂️

and again since you tag me, I will tell you this...

Don't bother about things that DO NOT concern you, you neither have the stake nor the connection to do anything at hive. I just followed your conversation with @enforcer48 . I also have all your alts and I also know how you are self voting with comet.ranker... none of your rewards on any of your alts will see the light of the day Will.

I know Melinda quite well, although we never spoke. Again that is none of your business.

My last word on the subject.


That’s how I have been feeling as well Melinda. 😕

This recent pump had me selling Hive for the first time in 4 years. It felt weird... but I have continued to follow my values as an investor and entrepreneur.

I’m standing by my decision to Power Down everything (except what I’m utilizing with @Comet.Ranker) and I will continue to BUIDL elsewhere so long as Hive continues to manifest these sorts of social frameworks.