Read this post to learn about how our bot works and how you can get HUGE free upvotes for being a STEEM POWER HODLER


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Outside of posting amazing content consistently, one of the best ways to get started earning on The Steem Blockchain is finding Steem users with similiar amounts of Steem Power, making friends with them, and asking if they would like to do upvote for upvote. This is a great way to get some rewards coming in for smaller guys and also a great way to make friends. The only issues with this are trust, and time. Not only does your friend have to be online and active to upvote you, but you have to trust them to upvote you back after you have upvoted them. To fix this issue, We've figured out a way to automate this using @SteemAuto. Steem-Auto is an automation service that lets you choose friends on Steem you would like to automatically upvote. It also has a "Curation Trail" feature that lets you upvote whatever a particular account upvotes. This is the feature that gave us the great idea for "@BackScratcher".

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How It Works

Users will follow our curation trail on @SteemAuto and they will be added to our fanbase on Steemauto in return. By adding them to our Fanbase, they will get upvoted automatically once a day. We are starting with a minimum of 500 SP to get curated (subject to change if voting power and RC's become too low). 500 to 999 SP will get a 1% upvote once a day from everyone following the trail. 1000 SP to 4999 SP will get you a 5% upvote, 5000 SP to 9999 SP will get you a 10% upvote, 10,000 SP to 19,999 SP will get a 20% upvote from everyone and 20,000 SP to 29,999 SP will get a 30% upvote from every one, and so on. We've set some limits because Voting Power is a limited resource so if we set the bar for entry too low, Our 1% upvotes could drain our resources. So we've set it at a number of steem power that is achievable at these price levels and one of our main goals is to encourage the purchase of Steem and Steem Power.

How To Join

ABSOLUTELY NO SPAM!!!! We have a strict NO SPAM policy. We are not strict on content or here to judge if someones post is great. But we will remove any blatant spam from our trail. We recommend linking your social media accounts to your Steem so that your social posts go straight to Steem to get upvoted using http://share2steem.io

Here are the steps:

  1. Sign Up for http://www.Steemauto.com
  2. After you have successfully linked your Steem account to Steemauto, click "Curation Trail" and search for "backscratcher" and Follow our Trail.
  3. Click Setting and set voting weight to "100 scaled" and set any time. (THIS IS A MUST)
  4. Go to back to dashboard on Steemauto and set voting limit to 85% (This will keep your voting power from draining)
  5. Come back here and paste your Steemit page and SP in a comment below to be added. If you don't hear anything us that day, then come to our telegram and let us know here: https://t.me/thebackscratcher
  6. If you unfollow the trail you will be removed.

500-999 SP gets you a 1% upvote once every 24 hours
1,000-4,999 gets you a 5% upvote once every 24 hours
5,000-9,999 gets you a 10% upvote once every 24 hours
10,000-19,999 gets you a 20% upvote once every 24 hours.
20,000-29,999 gets you a 30% upvote once every 24 hours
30,000-39,999 get you a 40% upvote once every 24 hours and so on..

You can check how much you can expect to earn with the trail curating you here: http://trailbase.io/trail/backscratcher/steemauto

Also, visit our telegram: https://t.me/thebackscratcher


+Your voting power(mana) must stay above 85%. If it drops below 85% for too long You will get removed from the trail
+You get 1 upvote a day. You are welcome to post as much as you want but the trail will only upvote you once per 24 hours. (resets at 8pm EST)
+If we check that your account is not auto-upvoting the trail or your voting power drops too low you will be removed.
+You can check trail stats here: http://trailbase.io/trail/backscratcher/steemauto
+Rules and requirements are subject to change for the benefit of all stake holders on the trail


Q: Is Delegated Steem Power Allowed?
A: Yes, You can have delegated steem power or have steem power delegated out and still receive upvotes. As long as your active steem power meets the requirments, you can still get upvoted.

Q:How much Voting Power does the trail use per day?
A: As of this post, if a user ONLY upvotes the trail and doesn't do any other voting, he can expect to stay above 94% Voting Mana

Q: I posted once today and didn't get upvoted. Why?
A: It could be your timing. Steemauto resets at 8PM EST so if you posted at the wrong time it could count twice for 1 day. Also, Steemauto has about a 98% success rate. Meaning it couldve just been bad luck.

Q: I don't have the minimum SP required to get upvoted. Can I still follow the trail?
A: Yes! You are welcome to follow and curate automatically as this is great for extra curation rewards.


I really enjoy this trail because I get way more than I give. And what I mean by that is that the high SP accounts on this trail give way more to the small accounts like mine. The chance for me to earn Steam and be active. I got to say if I had a hundred thousand or 50,000 or 70,000 steem power like some of these account I don't know if I would have the courage to give away all my votes LOL. but I thank them for the bottom of my heart and appreciate the help that they give me.

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Looking for a friend with 1Million SP. :)

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Wow... how is it possible to get such a high amount of SP?

(I'm new here)

You can just call it Collusion Inc.

Far better name than backscratcher. How about we find a real solution for getting good content discovered. This vote-for-vote stuff is not going to be sustainable in the end.

I'm probably being a bit hypocritical complaining about this, since I do a lot of auto-voting myself. It's just that these types of systems look really bad from the outside... I mean it basically means that your earnings depend on how much SP you have, the quality of your content isn't much of a factor this way.

Its only saving grace is that it's once a day, but it's coupled with a spammy dapp.

It's even lower effort than @dlike. There is a reason it's branded Spam2Steem by those who mitigate abuse. Take a look at this guy. All those random bs for $2-3 a day.

Sure, we will get activity, but that activity is no different than botnets used in mainstream to boost traffic. Just more people extracting value and increasing inflation.

The cynical me also feel that of the number of people they claim to be using their spam platform is inflated. The number is probably close to 5% real accounts with 95% being alts farming.

That’s one way to look at it. Another perspective is that regardless of content quality, you will not get consistent rewards on STEEM. You will get hit by curation groups or a whale from time to time but I think it’s better to have a baseline as it not only will encentivise people who post good content to continue to do so but also encourages powering up.

In an ideal world people would post good content and be rewarded appropriately. I believe we’ll be there one day, but we’re not there yet. In the meantime, every single person that is getting decent rewards on STEEM is via auto voting or something along those lines. If it keeps people engaged and powering up, I think it’s good.

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I can understand both your argument and the argument of @daan. I do not want to talk about whether it is objectionable to find and exploit gaps in the system. The fact is that this will always happen and that only so others will be aware of it and hopefully these gaps can be closed. Everyone has to decide which way to go. The offer is definitely seductive.

Well why aren't you downvoting it?
But yeah it just kind of feels gross

I reserve my downvotes for serious abuse/spam, which this isn't. Besides, as I've mentioned, I also auto-vote certain authors.

What if the SP is below 500 we could join your community

I thought this was for the smaller users. Hey we can follow and upvote each other.

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Good idea. Hey, how much is 3.000 partiko points?

It's about $0.035 You get 30 points per post, 10 for comments, and 5 for likes. Plus they have a gift where you can earn 1000 pts per day. Hers my link if ur interested. Plus its a mobile app so you can always post on the go.

Yes, you can follow the curation trail but will not receive votes until you reach 500 SP.

Backscratcher curation trail frees up time... so I can play Steem Monsters and help little old ladies cross the street!

This is one of the main problems I see with Steemit. It's centralized and you have to spend money & somehow get in with the whales to make any Steem on your posts. I've posted plenty of good content in the past that I spent time creating, only to get literally no upvotes. It's almost impossible to get any views around here. It's not like Reddit where you can just post something good and actually get noticed. You have to spend hundreds of dollars to promote or you have to pay a big account to resteem your post. Kind of screwed up if you ask me. That's why I don't really even bother posting original content on here- because every single time, it'll get next to no views or upvotes.

Buy Steem Power: Upvote yourself

This is exactly the kind of behaviour we don't want. Many investors rather not create content, they would rather use their SP to help Steem grow, which will eventually increase the price.

There are different mechanisms for all groups to earn, investors can earn from curation, interest, and delegation. Content creators (who have invested very little) should be able to earn by creating popular content. I would not want to see an investor earn more for a crappy post than a dedicated content creator with a great post.

At a rep of 44 I can only assume that you haven’t tried very hard to get noticed.

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Yeah, I feel you homie. Sometimes you spend like 1-2 hours writing an article and get 0 upvotes, then others spam their drugwars results and get like 0.50 sbd for it. I think quality content is just a factor in getting successful on steem. But so is socializing and engaging towards others. If you made a few friends who appreciate you as a person, and your content as well then your posts will get some attention and the snowball effect might get started.

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Hello @backscratcher I have joined with 1010 SP

I just followed your curation trail. My username is @joy2018t and SP is above 1000. Can I please be added? Thanks

Your SP is good but Your VP is 58% which is way too low. Once you can get it recharged above 85% you will be added.

 Hello @backscratcher's team :)
Your project seem to be a good one but for the moment none of my account have the amount of SP needed for the project but I'm sure that there is a lot of personne who can but are not able to understand everything you say. That's why I would like to translate this post to French so as to make it accessible by every french of the platform even if they don't speak english :)

So if you do accept us to post the translation of your post we will, you just have to choose how you want to be rewarded within those 3 options :
  • Full earning, if they choose this option every SBD generated by the post will be sent to the author of the post.
  • Powering UP, this option allows us to post the translated post with 100% SteemPower as a reward
  • Sharing, with this option the author of the original post tells the percentage of SBD he wants to get from the reward, the rest will be divided into SteemPower and earnings for the translator of the post.

So please tell us if you do want us to translate your post or not by replying to this comment and if you don't want tell us why :)

Hello @backscratcher

I followed the steps correctly I think, can you please check it out for me
I have 1433 SP
Screenshot (98).png
Screenshot (100).png

You've been added

Sorry for asking.
I have 15 k lease sp and my own 1k can I use here just my 1 k sp?m

if you can keep your vp good then you'll be able to join with all of your sp.
you'll get 20% upvote from the trail.

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We calculate your total active SP which includes plus for delegations and minus for delegating. Your total would be 16,211.599.SP. So your vote would be 20%. There is no way for us to limit your account's SP used on the trail its all or nothing.

Not a fan of this. At first glance it looked like it had promise. But I really dislike the idea of being forced into a curation trail.

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Congratulations @backscratcher! You have completed the following achievement on the Steem blockchain and have been rewarded with new badge(s) :

You made more than 1750 upvotes. Your next target is to reach 2000 upvotes.

Click here to view your Board
If you no longer want to receive notifications, reply to this comment with the word STOP

To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

Vote for @Steemitboard as a witness and get one more award and increased upvotes!

How about the poor people like me with less than 500 SP?
Is there any chance of helping us?

I hope we will be given much of the priority.

And I hope that you can create a project for those with less than 500 SP.

I have a sp of 465 just 35 left to get 500. Can I be allowed to join and still get upvote

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It won’t take you long to get 35 sp.

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OK, let me keep on gathering it

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Yes, you can join but you will not receive upvotes until you are at 500 SP.

Let me continue to gather it then before joining

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Great idea, but I guess I'll join up when I reach 500 sp. I thought this was for the small users?

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But what about legitimate curation?

how are you @backscratcher have 596Sp can i join your community

Yes, follow the instructions in the post.

Well after reading full, I think this is great way to work together, to move forward together and achieve our success together. I am really very interested to follow your trail curation.

thank u so much for ur amazing content

nice initiative there ! steem on!

🚀 🌕

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Indeed 😎

Who has 591,818 SP? This account has less than 1000 SP when I just went to check the wallet. Can someone please explain this?

Everyone in the curation trail combined has nearly 591,818 steem power. So when you receive your vote from every person following the trail it is equivalent to a 591,818 steem power upvote.

this is the best trail that I've ever seen.
i was waiting for many days to get my sp to join this trail.
now I'm a member, i feel lucky.

good job.

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Followed ur curation. Username- shitsignals

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You've been added

I just follow led your curation trail.
Username : Ocupation
550 sp available

You've been added

Thanks @backscratcher i Have followed the steps correctly., this is my steemit page link . Thankshttps://steemit.com/@adelusin/feed

https://steemit.com/@jerdep creo que segui los pasos bien, puede verificar? gracias

hi all. @marfonso. joined your curation trail @backscratcher. Set SteemAuto 100% Scale. My total SP = 13,037.72. Please add :)

You've been added at 10% because your active SP is 5090.061 SP. We only reward your active SP because your outgoing delegation does not add to our trail value.

thanks. I will increase SP sooner :)

I'm in love with this post

710 SP

Please add, thanks

You've been added

Hey Friend good to see you in the world changing Steemit platform, your are in here means you are very like to post, upvote and follow someone to improve your profile reputation, so why do you not using Partiko mobile app? This can use from your mobile, so now you can post your articles with your mobile directly and you have benifit is that, when you post contant you will earn 30 points, 5 points to upvote, 10 points to daily login, 10 points to each comments and when you refer anyone you get 1000 points, when they first post with Partiko then you get 5000 points, 1 point you get each and every time when they earn 5 points..that is cool know?
After all you can redeem these points to upvote and comment on your post, for 1000 points to 0.018 sbd to 0.022 sbd you can get as that time market is happen..
So try it..

You can login with your steemit id password with steemconnect in this app.
And after follow me and i will follow you, if any problem to use this app?msg me i will suggest you.

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Congratulations @backscratcher!
Your post was mentioned in the Steem Hit Parade in the following category:

  • Pending payout - Ranked 1 with $ 312,23

Damn, wish I had enough SP!!!!!!!!! so sad

Wow. Fantastic. Your post is very "expensive"

I just followed your curation trail. My username is @ronaldoavelino and I have 3,608SP free. Can I please be added? Thanks

You've been added

Followed the trail and set it up with steemauto.
This is my Steemit page: https://steemit.com/@rosatravels
I have 18,000 delegated SP and now have 1456 SP undelegated
So will change that depending how things go with this in the long run.
Thanks, Rosa

Please double check... you are not following the trail.

Hello @backscratcher, sorry I forgot to click the enable. Everything is all set to go. IF this do well, I will get back my SP to increase the percentage here. Thanks !

You've been added

Working through the instructions for joining the @backscratcher. I think I will have met all of the requirements as of this post.


SP: 26,037

You've been added

Just followed and my page is @sinzzer , and i got 1125 sp!

You've been added

Nice, Thanks!!

hi every one lets go team STEEMIT

I’m pretty sure daylight savings time changed the reset time to 9pm eastern.

hi! i already did every step but the last one i don´t know how to do it. can anyone help me, please? i will thank you.

Steemit Page: https://steemit.com/@aftabkhan10

Steem Power: 1,174.370 STEEM

You've been added

Hey its been 3 days I haven't been getting any upvotes but you still got me upvoting the trail whats up with that?

Your voting power has been too low and you have not been voting the trail consistently. You can remove your self from the trail if you don't want to participate. If you wish to continue please allow your voting power to recharge and maintain consistent voting everyday. You will be add back once you demonstrate that you can maintain your trail votes.

My voting power is at 90% When it does dip under 85% it is not for long. You guys just remove people without telling them? And continue to have them on the trail if your taking me off the least you could of done is let me know. I only make a few upvotes a day And I’m usually always above 85% not to the point to get took off the trail.

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You have been dipping below 85% on a daily basis and not allowing your account to recharge so you are only voting the trail 50% of the time. All the info is transparent on the blockchain, compare your trail votes here https://steemworld.org/@californiacrypto to how many our trail is voting. You can see all our trail votes here https://steemworld.org/@backscratcher and it is not draining our account so you should be able to do the same. You control your voting power. Do you want everyone on our trail to vote you 50% of the time? Please show respect for the other members by maintaining your voting power. You've been added back. Join our telegram to receive notifications: https://t.me/thebackscratcher

Yeah I want to work with you. Now I have read your rule post

You've been added... please keep your voting power above 85%. Join our telegram to receive notifications. https://t.me/thebackscratcher

Hey Trevon, do you like the movie Jaws?

!gif popcorn

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