Read this post to learn about how our bot works and how you can get HUGE free upvotes for being a STEEM POWER HODLER

We are now at 652,515 STEEM POWER FOLLOWING WITH 174 MEMBERS! Up over 60,000 STEEM POWER Since last weeks report!

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Outside of posting amazing content consistently, one of the best ways to get started earning on The Steem Blockchain is finding Steem users with similiar amounts of Steem Power, making friends with them, and asking if they would like to do upvote for upvote. This is a great way to get some rewards coming in for smaller guys and also a great way to make friends. The only issues with this are trust, and time. Not only does your friend have to be online and active to upvote you, but you have to trust them to upvote you back after you have upvoted them. To fix this issue, We've figured out a way to automate this using @SteemAuto. Steem-Auto is an automation service that lets you choose friends on Steem you would like to automatically upvote. It also has a "Curation Trail" feature that lets you upvote whatever a particular account upvotes. This is the feature that gave us the great idea for "@BackScratcher".

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How It Works

Users will follow our curation trail on @SteemAuto and they will be added to our fanbase on Steemauto in return. By adding them to our Fanbase, they will get upvoted automatically once a day. We are starting with a minimum of 500 SP to get curated (subject to change if voting power and RC's become too low). 500 to 999 SP will get a 1% upvote once a day from everyone following the trail. 1000 SP to 4999 SP will get you a 5% upvote, 5000 SP to 9999 SP will get you a 10% upvote, 10,000 SP to 19,999 SP will get a 20% upvote from everyone and 20,000 SP to 29,999 SP will get a 30% upvote from every one, and so on. We've set some limits because Voting Power is a limited resource so if we set the bar for entry too low, Our 1% upvotes could drain our resources. So we've set it at a number of steem power that is achievable at these price levels and one of our main goals is to encourage the purchase of Steem and Steem Power.

How To Join

ABSOLUTELY NO SPAM!!!! We have a strict NO SPAM policy. We are not strict on content or here to judge if someones post is great. But we will remove any blatant spam from our trail. We recommend linking your social media accounts to your Steem so that your social posts go straight to Steem to get upvoted using http://share2steem.io

Here are the steps:

  1. Sign Up for http://www.Steemauto.com
  2. After you have successfully linked your Steem account to Steemauto, click "Curation Trail" and search for "backscratcher" and Follow our Trail.
  3. Click Setting and set voting weight to "100 scaled" and set any time. (THIS IS A MUST)
  4. Go to back to dashboard on Steemauto and set voting limit to 85% (This will keep your voting power from draining)
  5. Come back here and paste your Steemit page and SP in a comment below to be added. If you don't hear anything us that day, then come to our telegram and let us know here: https://t.me/thebackscratcher
  6. If you unfollow the trail you will be removed.

500-999 SP gets you a 1% upvote once every 24 hours
1,000-4,999 gets you a 5% upvote once every 24 hours
5,000-9,999 gets you a 10% upvote once every 24 hours
10,000-19,999 gets you a 20% upvote once every 24 hours.
20,000-29,999 gets you a 30% upvote once every 24 hours
30,000-39,999 get you a 40% upvote once every 24 hours and so on..

You can check how much you can expect to earn with the trail curating you here: http://trailbase.io/trail/backscratcher/steemauto

Also, visit our telegram: https://t.me/thebackscratcher


+Your voting power(mana) must stay above 85%. If it drops below 85% for too long You will get removed from the trail
+You get 1 upvote a day. You are welcome to post as much as you want but the trail will only upvote you once per 24 hours. (resets at 8pm EST)
+If we check that your account is not auto-upvoting the trail or your voting power drops too low you will be removed.
+You can check trail stats here: http://trailbase.io/trail/backscratcher/steemauto
+Rules and requirements are subject to change for the benefit of all stake holders on the trail


Q: Is Delegated Steem Power Allowed?
A: Yes, You can have delegated steem power or have steem power delegated out and still receive upvotes. As long as your active steem power meets the requirments, you can still get upvoted.

Q:How much Voting Power does the trail use per day?
A: As of this post, if a user ONLY upvotes the trail and doesn't do any other voting, he can expect to stay above 94% Voting Mana

Q: I posted once today and didn't get upvoted. Why?
A: It could be your timing. Steemauto resets at 8PM EST so if you posted at the wrong time it could count twice for 1 day. Also, Steemauto has about a 98% success rate. Meaning it couldve just been bad luck.

Q: I don't have the minimum SP required to get upvoted. Can I still follow the trail?
A: Yes! You are welcome to follow and curate automatically as this is great for extra curation rewards.


Proving to be a cool way to earn crypto. Not quite passive because you need to create content—and that’s totally fine. Most would be creating the content anyway and posting it for free somewhere else. If my calculations are correct this resource is setup to return about 9.1% annually.

Sin enbargo es una muy buena plantaforma, y el contenido que debes crear no es dificil

I don't want to blame anyone, everyone is free to do anything you like. But consider this: As long as you want steem not to remain just a ponzi scheme, you are not buying into this vote-for-vote thing. Think about sustainability and not quick roi. Look how cheap this thing is because noone is really interested in it's supposed meaning (a social bloggin, vloggin whatever platform, which should reward you by it's original meaning but it won't in this posts suggested way and I think it is failing actually if not something great happens to prevent all this).
Look for the top earning vloggers rewards and compare them to the one hand few clicks they really get (noone is really interested!).
There are really good commitments to this eco system like @curie or @minnowsupportproject for example which is intended to help minnows without just shaping steemit to become more and more ponzi scheme. Go and be part there, join your local communites, fore ex. d-a-ch, join their dicord channels and you will start to do well. And after all that you might just in case consider to produce somehow helpful or interesting content that is worth viewing and not only trending because of @boosters @boomerangs and what else.


You can join right now for only 1 STEEM, just to try it out. When you see how great it is to receive a daily upvote automatically you can buy more to increase your upvote and your percentage of the yearly pool share. You got GMB’s?

One, Three, Five, Ten, Twenty, Thirty, Forty, Fifty, One Hundred

Does it look like I am going to join?

I just got to 500 SP mark can I join the Trail?

Yes, just follow the steps in the post.

I have followed all the steps.

Here is my STeemit Account


I was away for a while and will start posting regularly now. I have 517 Steem Power as of now

You've been added

@backscratcher I just upgraded my Steempower from 500 SP to 1002 SP can you upgrade me to the next level

So it's a massive jerk-circle.

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Looks good. Still, you need a fair bit though surely?

This post has received a 100.0 % upvote from @boomerang.

how i can increase mana power

You have to have 500 SP to receive votes. Increasing steem power also increases mana power.

i have 100% voting power but i have only 15% mana may i can join

interesting, for those who have the conditions

funny, i got locked down a whole month by steemnazis in my first month here for just mentioning vote for vote :)

good luck ! ! ! the more counterweight the more it will actually have some resemblance to a free market (y)

I have been using SteemAuto for a while, especially auto-vote feature.

I will see if I can delegate to this project.

We don't accept delegation our power comes from the curation trail. Follow the trail and we will add you to our fanbase.

Up 60,000 SP in a week, that's not bad. Looks like quite a few are going for this idea.

I personally do not like the idea of blindly upvoting each other's content. Seems like low quality benefits more than better quality or more popular content.

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To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

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You are playing really nice
Here is the real strategies for being "upvote"
Find and give your way
Steem power find your wallet way to stay...

My SP is 15K but my VP always stays between 70 and 80, which means I cannot join this trail?

You can join the trail but you will not receive votes until you reach 500 SP and maintain voting power above 85%.

I have followed the above process and followed backscratcher curation trail and have reset my settings as desired by the trail.
My steemit page is
My SP is 15520

Your Voting Power is at 60% it will take a couple of days to recharge above 85% and then you will be added. Join our telegram to receive notifications. https://t.me/thebackscratcher

Joined , thanks and good night.

You've been added and are now receiving 20% votes from our curation trail. Please maintain your voting power above 85%.

Hello, I request you to remove me fron the trail. Sorry it's not working out well for me. Thanx for your cooperation

I've removed my delegation and now I can follow with 1000 sp, should I change something or?
I had 500 sp participation and now I wanna increase it

You've been upgraded

Great. Very interesting post. I believe you have earned a new follower! is there anyone who wants to explain me better?

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Am I still one if those members?

Your SP dropped below 500 SP so you were removed from receiving votes and when your SP was restored to 1024 SP you were added back. However, you have allowed your voting power to be drained to 70% so you are off again until you recharge. Please follow the guidelines or you will be removed permanently.

Congratulations @backscratcher!
Your post was mentioned in the Steem Hit Parade in the following category:

  • Pending payout - Ranked 1 with $ 315,42

hola excelente dame tu voto

15 SP
I know that doesn't meet the minimum requirement. I just started on steemit but I figured I'd give it a shot anyway.

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We are a group of people from Vietnam, we know steemit from different social networking sites, see rapid and very strong development. We find that Steemit will thrive as it was before.
this is my first post:
Hello everyone to Vietnamese Student Beauty - Tran Huyen Chau

Hi just joined, my account is https://steemit.com/@wilx and have 2,563 SP.

You've been added

Hello @backscratcher. I followed the steps and am now following the trail.

Here’s my steemit page: https://steemit.com/@atmospheric-haze

SP: 1900

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You've been added

and people with no SP?

I've did all that steps avobe

10.1k Steem Power

Proving to be a cool way to earn crypto. Not quite passive because you need to create content—and that’s totally fine. Most would be creating the content anyway and posting it for free somewhere else. If my calculations are correct this resource is setup to return about 9.1% annually.so good luck

Upvoted and followed on @steemauto only have 277 sp trying to build have everything to 100% sp may I join?

You are welcome to follow the trail but you will not receive trail votes until you reach 500 SP.

I just reached 682sp

You've been added.
Please maintain voting power above 85%.
Join our Telegram to receive notifications: https://t.me/thebackscratcher

@backscratcher I increased my Steem Power from 500 SP to 1002 SP can you increase my Level.

I have joined the curation trail.

@bala41288 - 1621 SP

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You've been added

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@backscratcher I increased my SP from 500 to 1002 SP yesterday but I am still receiving the same Upvotes as before. Can you please update that.

You've been updated

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My steem page:
My Sp amount:
Between 1000 - 4000

Thanks So much looking forward to this trail lasting and accumulating that steem.