Using our service you can nearly DOUBLE your ROI FOR FREE by posting great content on the Steem blockchain daily! This is not a bidbot, there is no delegating, and you don't have to buy anything! All you need is STEEM POWER! Read this post to learn about how our bot works and how you can get HUGE FREE upvotes for being a STEEM POWER HODLER.

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Outside of posting amazing content consistently, one of the best ways to get started earning on The Steem Blockchain is finding Steem users with similiar amounts of Steem Power, making friends with them, and asking if they would like to do upvote for upvote. This is a great way to get some rewards coming in for smaller guys and also a great way to make friends. The only issues with this are trust, and time. Not only does your friend have to be online and active to upvote you, but you have to trust them to upvote you back after you have upvoted them. To fix this issue, We've figured out a way to automate this using @SteemAuto. Steem-Auto is an automation service that lets you choose friends on Steem you would like to automatically upvote. It also has a "Curation Trail" feature that lets you upvote whatever a particular account upvotes. This is the feature that gave us the great idea for "@BackScratcher".

How It Works

Users will follow our curation trail on @SteemAuto and they will be added to our fanbase on Steemauto in return. By adding them to our Fanbase, they will get upvoted automatically once a day. We are starting with a minimum of 500 SP to get curated (subject to change if voting power and RC's become too low). 500 to 999 SP will get a 1% upvote once a day from everyone following the trail. 1000 SP to 4999 SP will get you a 5% upvote, 5000 SP to 9999 SP will get you a 10% upvote, 10,000 SP to 19,999 SP will get a 20% upvote from everyone and 20,000 SP to 29,999 SP will get a 30% upvote from every one, and so on. We've set some limits because Voting Power is a limited resource so if we set the bar for entry too low, Our 1% upvotes could drain our resources. So we've set it at a number of steem power that is achievable at these price levels and one of our main goals is to encourage the purchase of Steem and Steem Power. We've made a chart of ROI per SP by extrapolating from our calculation of 1000 SP at 42% ROI. Assuming that votes scale uniformly both up and down the line than 1000 SP is definitely the sweet spot for ROI. Here are the results! (SP-ROI): 500-16.8%, 1000-42%, 5000-16.8%, 10,000-16.8%, 20,000-12.6%, 30,000-11.2%, 40,000-10.5%, 50,000-10.08%, 60,000-9.8%, 70,000-9.6%, 80,000-9.45%, 90,000-9.33%. The average rate of ROI on steem is 24% annually which is already GREAT! But being that our service is FREE to use and all that is required is steem power to join (And posting good content) you are getting EXTRA ROI (9.33% to 42%) on top of the already 24% per year from simply staking

How To Join

ABSOLUTELY NO SPAM!!!! We have a strict NO SPAM policy. We are not strict on content or here to judge if someones post is great. But we will remove any blatant spam from our trail. We recommend linking your social media accounts to your Steem so that your social posts go straight to Steem to get upvoted using http://share2steem.io

Here are the steps:

  1. Sign Up for http://www.Steemauto.com
  2. After you have successfully linked your Steem account to Steemauto, click "Curation Trail" and search for "backscratcher" and Follow our Trail.
  3. Click Setting and set voting weight to "100 scaled" and set any time. (THIS IS A MUST)
  4. Go to back to dashboard on Steemauto and set voting limit to 85% (This will keep your voting power from draining)
  5. Come back here and paste your Steemit page and SP in a comment below to be added. If you don't hear anything us that day, then come to our telegram and let us know here: https://t.me/thebackscratcher
  6. If you unfollow the trail you will be removed.

500-999 SP gets you a 1% upvote once every 24 hours
1,000-4,999 gets you a 5% upvote once every 24 hours
5,000-9,999 gets you a 10% upvote once every 24 hours
10,000-19,999 gets you a 20% upvote once every 24 hours.
20,000-29,999 gets you a 30% upvote once every 24 hours
30,000-39,999 get you a 40% upvote once every 24 hours and so on..

You can check how much you can expect to earn with the trail curating you here: http://trailbase.io/trail/backscratcher/steemauto

Also, visit our telegram: https://t.me/thebackscratcher


+Your voting power(mana) must stay above 85%. If it drops below 85% for too long You will get removed from the trail
+You get 1 upvote a day. You are welcome to post as much as you want but the trail will only upvote you once per 24 hours. (resets at 8pm EST)
+If we check that your account is not auto-upvoting the trail or your voting power drops too low you will be removed.
+You can check trail stats here: http://trailbase.io/trail/backscratcher/steemauto
+Rules and requirements are subject to change for the benefit of all stake holders on the trail


Q: Is Delegated Steem Power Allowed?
A: Yes, You can have delegated steem power or have steem power delegated out and still receive upvotes. As long as your active steem power meets the requirments, you can still get upvoted.

Q:How much Voting Power does the trail use per day?
A: As of this post, if a user ONLY upvotes the trail and doesn't do any other voting, he can expect to stay above 94% Voting Mana

Q: I posted once today and didn't get upvoted. Why?
A: It could be your timing. Steemauto resets at 8PM EST so if you posted at the wrong time it could count twice for 1 day. Also, Steemauto has about a 98% success rate. Meaning it couldve just been bad luck.

Q: I don't have the minimum SP required to get upvoted. Can I still follow the trail?
A: Yes! You are welcome to follow and curate automatically as this is great for extra curation rewards.


hopefully my post will be on target of votes on the trail!

I think this trail will help and support many minnows

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Nice service! Very cool!My posts are raised by many voices. And there are curatorial awards.

Sir, I am @erik-lopez on steemit. I have 1000+ SP. I followed all rules this curation trail. Please add me on this trail.

The trail provides a really nice service so far :)

Great service. It's nice to see good trail votes.

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I love this Service, thanks for all @backscratcher

I have not had any problems with the service since joining. It's a cool service and I recommend other users give it a try..
I think it is worth it

I have joined the curation trail and received upvote for two week. I can only confirm the improvement of my posts visibility. Thanks to all members of the trail for our collective effort.

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Had I not joined this trail, my posts would still be naked. Thank you @backscratcher

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My absolute favorite thing on the steem blockchain right now. It has allowed me to stay active and earning in a down time for steem. I can't recommend this enough to people. Keep it up everyone.

Eveeyone needs encouragement and thia is what this trial serves as.I have been growing my sp gradually with this trail and I can testify thag it is working .

The trail motivates me, even during the down market, to stay active on the blockchain.

@backscratcher is a game changer! Hands down the best voting trail ever created. Don't even waste your time or SP w/ any other service!!🔥🔥🔥

My steemit id (steemit.com/@minhaz007)
Sp : 1000

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You've been added

SP 3250

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You've been added

SP: 803

You've been added. Please allow your account to recharge above 85%. It is a requirement that you maintain voting power above 85%. Join our Telegram channel to receive notifications: https://t.me/thebackscratcher

I just followed your trail.

You've been added

I followed you :)

You've been added

About 107.69$ has been spent to promote this content using Steemium

You got a 1.52% upvote from @spydo courtesy of @steemium! We offer 100% Payout and Curation.

You got a 43.13% upvote from @bid4joy courtesy of @steemium!

@steemium purchased a 42.56% vote from @promobot on this post.

*If you disagree with the reward or content of this post you can purchase a reversal of this vote by using our curation interface http://promovotes.com

This post has received a 51.26 % upvote from @boomerang.

Congratulations @backscratcher!
Your post was mentioned in the Steem Hit Parade in the following category:

  • Pending payout - Ranked 10 with $ 91,4

I will be over 1,000 SP starting tonight (you can see on SteemWorld.org that I have 700+ SP delegation coming back to my account tonight) and at that point in time, I will join the citation trail and the telegram channel @backscratcher (:

Congratulations @backscratcher! You have completed the following achievement on the Steem blockchain and have been rewarded with new badge(s) :

You made more than 7000 upvotes. Your next target is to reach 8000 upvotes.

You can view your badges on your Steem Board and compare to others on the Steem Ranking
If you no longer want to receive notifications, reply to this comment with the word STOP

Do not miss the last post from @steemitboard:

SteemitBoard - Witness Update
SteemitBoard to support the german speaking community meetups
Vote for @Steemitboard as a witness to get one more award and increased upvotes!

hi @backscratcher just joined the trail, completed steps 1-4.

1139 SP

will i get any acknowledgment?

You've been added.
Join our telegram channel to receive notifications: https://t.me/thebackscratcher

My steemit id (steemit.com/@maykolcontreras)
Sp : 1021
I follow this trial all settings.

You've been added

steemit page: steemit.com/@numpypython
steem power: 764 (after delegations)

Have followed the trail and all settings.

You've been added

I think ima do a backscratcher promo campaign soon to make more people aware of this...

I followed.

2348 steem power

Everyone needs their back scratched now and again sometimes.

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You've been added

Thank you

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Sp 1000

And I followed the trail

I followed but I’m waiting for my power to go up it’s at 73%

Let us know when you are recharged and we will add you.

I’m recharged can you add me now

My steemit power is 1050 and I’m finally back to normal on my power and I followed the trail

My power is back

Hi @backscratcher...
Can you add me to the trail? I'm over 1000SP and keeping my mana over 90% most of the time... ;)



You've been added

579 sp

I've been offline for a long time but seeing initiatives like this give me hope

Hello friend. I am in your trail from the begining. Since last couple of days I am getting 1% trail vote instead of 5%. My sp is current s little bit less than 1k, is that the cause i am getting low value? Plz reply me if I need to increase my sp ASAP to become a 5% trail member again.

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Yes, 500 SP to 999.999 SP receives 1% upvotes form the trail.

I have increased my sp above 1k and I will maintain it in future. Plz take me back to the 5% team friend @backscratcher.

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Hello @backscratcher
I followed all rules
Id @hmetu
SP 661
So please add me on your team.

You've been added

Hello @backscratcher
I just increased my Steem Power status,
NOW my SP: 1125
ID: @hmetu
Can you please change my status 1% to 5% ?

You've been updated.

So happy to join this trail

Username : steemit.com/@sammiegold sp is 1000. I have done all the required. Kindly add me

You got a 48.06% upvote from @joeparys! Thank you for your support of our services. To continue your support, please follow and delegate Steem power to @joeparys for daily steem and steem dollar payouts!