Back Scratchers – Why?

For the longest time, I thought everyone was like me and Back Scratchers were some kind of joke commodity that you bought from joke shops at Blackpool.

I mean why do you need one, just scratch it yourself. If you are not the nail-biting type like me and regularly have to cut your nails, then so much the better.


.. and then one day, @bingbabe asked me to scratch her back.

A little higher, to the left a bit, down a bit.., there… SCRATCH… Oooo…..


...'they are a real thing, and big business. I would think an old broom would work just fine'...

So it appears I am not normal and few people can do with what I can which is touch hands behind my back, which in turn lets me scratch anywhere.

If it itches, I scratch. I am intrigued to know if anyone else can do what I assumed to be normal for the longest time?


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Looking into my crystal ball I see a man in agony with torn rotator I would suggest,

Create a post of you making it, translate it into Spanish and you'll make a fortune....Hive post top tip!

Have a great weekend and ffs don't ever post the bottom half of that photo....

a man in agony with torn rotator cuffs

I do suffer from a golf injury I sustained in 1997, it comes back every now and again to remind me it has not gone away and is inside one of my shoulder blades.

and ffs don't ever post the bottom half of that photo....

LOL, I was half-clothed.., I wouldn't even place that sight before my own eyes!

I use an old 'long roller' for painting behind radiators without the roller on it and covered in old paint, it's gnarly and does the job perfectly.

I actually brought it all the way to Portugal with me!

That could hurt if used too aggressively. Is there anyone who does not need a back scratcher?

Me! But just with one arm, the mobility of the other arm is not yet recovered fully after a tendonitis.

Good to hear, especially if you can do both the top and bottom. I can interchange mine.., they work both ways.

I just use trees.


For a moment, I thought you were talking about the @backscratcher thing.

Never mind.

I never needed my back scratched, until one day I did. You can get that flexibility back by stretching it every day, eventually, it will come back. I never knew I lost it.

It's back! The flex stretch is in the rotation of daily stretches.

Glad to hear you never lost it.

I have weird arms and legs and can still do the 'Full Lotus' Yoga position (thought it hurts a bit now), without ever doing Yoga. Maybe I inherited this from one of my parents.. I should ask.

I am truly impressed.

Flexibility depends on genetics and is somewhat inherited. Toss in factors like age, body bulk, and physical fitness. Flexing and stretching as you do certainly helps keep it at the level that it is.

Let's face it. You are blessed. ;)

It would be nice to be able to scratch my own back where it was needed, unfortunately I have to use a back scratcher. On the plus side my back does not get itchy very often o where I need to use one.

No wonder you're not part of the back scratchers club in Hive!!

If I would have known..., I couldn't find an appropriate community!

Here you go!!!

I vaguely remember something about it, but took little note. @world-travel-pr0 is a much more interesting writer than @world-travel-pro.

Oh my goodness, what a lovely thing for you to say Mr. Chops!

I saw some rogue has almost exactly my own username but, after researching that account and the (often) rather disturbing content, I feel mine may have some more valid offerings for the community once I get up and running. I don't get to post much as I'm busy, however I'll do so when I can and hope I have something relevant to offer.

P.s. I say *rogue in a general sense as I don't know that person other than through his posts which, I'll admit, leave me looking like this...I know, still kind of cute though.


Don't get my hopes up, I thought that was a real thing!

It's as true as the satanic promoters, otherwise why do you think he still gets so many upvotes

I dislocated my right shoulder years ago, and that, coupled with multiple rotator cuff injuries makes full back access with my right arm a mere pipe dream! I used to get a very itchy back with great frequency, and I was grateful that my Mom bought me a back scratcher years ago. Also, my fiancé does it for me often. It is SO INSANELY DRY here, and that is a lot of the reason it is necessary, but I also find that my back itchiness seems to vary with hormones. Weird.

Before I injured my shoulder, I could reach most of my back.


It's good to hear it's not just me!

I'm not so bendy. Can't link my hands back there by some distance. We do have a back scratcher around the house that the other half uses. I may use a pen or ruler sometimes. Itches need to be scratched sometimes.

We do have a back scratcher around the house that the other half uses.

I did think they were a joke item for the longest time.

They come in lots of novelty forms, but definitely useful to some of us.

Save time and money, when unable to get to scratch your own back (weird contortionist) buy a cheap Stainless Steel Spaghetti Spoon does the trick!

Washable, durable, double up in the kitchen as well!

@tipu curate

It must be terrible to not able to scratch it un-aided!

That why you need implement, can't rely on a dildo now can you? 🙃

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