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Hello guys welcome to my blog. I know it's been long I posted on my blog. Am very happy to have my interest rekindled.


I joined steemit with a heart full of joy and a very high expectations. When I was introduced to steem, and I was told it pays in dollar that was all I wanted to hear at that moment. I never calmed down to get the true picture of it, you can imagine you just wrote your WACE and you were told of a platform that pays you in dollars just for writing articles and you have been given every proves.


After my introductory post I was like and I withdrawed my first earnings I was like oh! my God I have made it I will never lack in my pocket again, I began to list things to do I made so many budgets which I never believed were dreams. I took everything that it's just a matter of time which depends on me to make money young.

After some time I began to understand and see reasons why I should have allowed my mentor to tell me the back and front of online and steem to be precise. Here comes the bear market I was like everything is turning out to be a dream and slowly am waking up I couldn't believe what was actually happening, anytime I login I go straight to steemexchanger and as soon I see the steem price I will rush and call my mentor of which he will start doing that which I didn't allow him to do initially.


Lessons I Learnt

Firstly I think I should have allowed my mentor to tell me everything steemit is all about, because it's obvious that everything that has advantage also have disadvantages. Always allow your teacher to finish and ask you for opinions before you start asking as if you have known everything.

Also I have come to realize that everyone who loss interest in this time of bear market did out of total misunderstanding of what bear market is really all about. It was after I saw this giveaway that I decided to give it a very deep thinking;

a market in which share prices are falling, encouraging selling.

It's very funny that I only understood the first part of bear market and forgot about the other which is containing the main and the most important part. It is during the bear market that we can gather steem and SBD OK let's look at it this way if SBD and steem is constantly selling at a high price,most of us including me will not have anything left in our wallet.


I will like to thank @infovore for this great support he have rendered to the us.