BANG! Defense - Cheating and Penalties (Annoucement)

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It has come to our attention in recent weeks that there are suspected cheaters/bots playing BANG! Defense. We understand the player base's concern, and we wanted to clarify a few points in this post. Because BANG! Defense is a skill-based P2E game, we believe it is critical to address any cheating/bot issues as soon as possible. We want to make it clear to all players that using bots, cheating, AFK farming, or otherwise exploiting the game is strictly prohibited. Any players who are caught breaking these rules will be punished.

As a team, we will actively implement anti-cheat measures BANG! Defense. To ensure seamless gameplay, we will design these to be as non-intrusive as possible. However, as with any game, some players may be able to get around these defenses and ruin the fun for everyone else. While cheating is suspected expected in Closed Beta, we hope to address these concerns before moving forward with development. It is critical that we work together as a community to ensure that all players compete fairly.


What happens if you cheat?

Players who are suspected of cheating will be investigated, and if evidence is found, they will be warned/banned. If a player repeatedly attempts to cheat, the penalty will increase.

What happens if you're banned?

Attempts to bypass a ban with alternative accounts will result in a permanent ban. The level of the ban is determined by severity, and any previous bans will also factor into the current ban. The three stages of bans are as follows:


Warnings are issued for first time violations, or if insufficient evidence is found for a soft or hard ban. Warnings have no direct consequence, however are considered when issuing penalties for future cheating. We will attempt to reach out to you on Discord to issue a warning.

Soft Ban

A soft ban is issued if you continue to cheat after a warning is issued. A soft ban results in your Total CP being reduced by some percentage. Depending on the severity, this can be as high as a 100% deduction. The soft ban will last for a period of time, ranging from one hour to one week. The length depends on how many warnings/bans you have received.

Hard Ban

A hard ban is the most severe penalty issued for cheating. This results in your entire account being blacklisted from playing BANG! Defense. Additionally, all your NFTs will be deactivated and deemed unusable. Hard Bans will only happen in severe, but rare cases. If you receive a hard ban, it will be permanent. You may appeal the decision by contacting our support team and explaining your situation. If we feel that your case merits an exception, then it will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

What if you are wrongfully banned?

If you are banned and believe it was in error, please contact us on Discord and we will review your case again. We may reexamine your case if we feel it's necessary. Continuing to harass members of our team after a final decision will result in a Hard Ban.

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Good post and sounds very fair and will help all of us in the long run :)

Completamente de acuerdo con todo lo expuesto! es necesario y justo para tod@s! Saludso y gracias por esclarecer las reglas del juego. :)


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I still haven't tried the game - what is wrong with me?

Keep up the good work!


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