BANG! Defense - Beta Release 1.1 [Update Log]

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Beta Release 1.1 is now live!

It's been a couple weeks of BANG! Defense Closed Beta now, and we've made good progress with improving the balance of weapons and scoring. With the help of our fantastic community, we've been able to adjust a matches length to around 15 waves max. This helps keep games short enough to keep you engaged, but long enough to feel the challenge.

Our current scoring system has some restrictions and needed changing for the long run. This is why we have switched to an Incremental Scoring System for Beta Release 1.1. This post will cover the changes, and other additions/patches made this update.

If you would also like to participate in Closed Beta, Presale Packs are still be available to purchase (but not for long!). Don't forget to to join our Discord Server to keep up to date with development, and chat with our awesome community.


What's new?

Incremental Scoring System

Before, we calculated your score by multiplying your kills and waves. While this worked, it limits what we can include in the scoring system. Additionally, we aren't able to adjust the weight in which each variable impacts the final score. This is why we've decided to move to an incremental scoring system.

This system increments your score after completing certain in-game actions, like killing an enemy or clearing a wave. Your score will now increase in real time, instead of being calculated at the end of the match. Currently, your score increase when you kill and enemy, finish a wave, or level up (your tower).


Dynamic Shield Timer

A few updates ago, we added a shield to the tower. This shield repairs itself over a set period of time, and will protect you from a single hit before needing to repair itself again. Before, the timer was set to a flat 20s, and didn't change throughout the game.

In Beta 1.1, your shield timer will now decrease as you level up! This means it will take less time to recharge your shield so you can handle the faster enemies in the late game. Unlike your weapons, you cannot upgrade your tower with money. Instead, you earn XP by killing enemies and completing waves. You can see your level progress in the top left of your screen during a match.


Balancing Changes
  • Cost of upgrades have been reduced from $250 to $150, and the upgrade factor has also been reduced.
  • The max level for weapon upgrades has been increase from LVL 6 to LVL 12.
  • The factor in which enemy speed increases each wave has been reduced.


Visual Changes
  • Wave UI changes to include score
  • Moved "Next Wave" button to a less intrusive spot
  • Changed moon (was too bright and distracting before)
  • Dynamic Shield Slider
  • Added "Wave Complete" message

Resources 🛠

BANG! Defense Posts
BANG! Defense Discord
BANG! Defense Website
BANG! Defense Gitbook


Would like some clarification on how scores like this are even possible.

Screenshot 2022-07-05 002832.png

The formula for your final score is:


The top players get to around wave 15 with an accuracy of 90+%, so it just takes practise. You can raise your total CP by holding more nfts.

Hope this helps clarify things

Thank you for the prompt and concise clarification!

@boyobevan How? 😂


He has a good gaming chair


Agreed. Seems kind of absurd, but so it goes.

late to the game - I still have yet to try it

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pew pew I seriously need to still pick up a NFT for this game :(

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