BANG! Defense - Official Beta Roadmap

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Hello everyone!

I wanted to thank everyone for how great the Beta sale has been going the past 2 weeks. All of the Legendary Packs sold out within the first day, and the rest of the packs are going quick!


We have gathered enough funding to really start development, and have most of the HK team onboard as well. Our priority right now is to get the Unranked Game mode finished so players can start earning AMMO. There are quite a few things to do before hand, which have been detailed in the following roadmap.

If you don't want to miss out on future updates, come join our Discord server here:

Feel free to leave any questions in the comments :)

Beta (Q2 2022 - TBD)

Player Profile/Dashboard -> WE ARE HERE
  • Hive Keychain support
  • View your stats and profile details
  • Mode selection and play button
Inventory Menu
  • View your assets and NFTs in one place
  • Equip/Unequip Weapon and Tower NFTs
NFT Marketplace
  • Buy and sell NFTs on NFTMart
Beta Game Updates
  • Setting menu + Keybindings
  • Sound System
  • Improved enemy/wave mechanics
  • Balancing to Weapon Upgrades and Economy
  • QOL Changes
AMMO Token
  • Ammo token becomes available to earn in game
  • Can be earned in drops and match rewards
Closed Beta - Unranked
  • An early version of Unranked mode will be available to "Beta Blaster" owners.
  • Release of the AMMO token, which can be earned in Unranked mode
Open Beta - Unranked
  • Unranked game mode made available to all players

Delta (TBD)

Ranked Mode
  • Addition of ranked game mode
  • PVP Ranks and Season Rewards
  • P2E Leaderboards
BANG! Shop
  • An in-game shop to purchase limited edition NFTs, Keys, and Ranked Tickets
Weapon Crates
  • Release of new Weapon NFTs
  • Weapon Crates are available to open
Tower Crates
  • Release of new Tower NFTs
  • New Tower upgrades in-game
    The ability to equip custom Tower NFTs
  • Tower Crates are available to open
Cosmetic Crates
  • Addition of custom enemy skins, cosmetics, music, and more
  • Cosmetic Crates are available to open

Resources 🛠

BANG! Defense Posts
BANG! Defense Discord
BANG! Defense Website
BANG! Defense Gitbook
BANG! Defense Litebook


BANG BANG BABY! Looking forward to the road ahead.
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Keep up the great work Choof, looking very forward to putting my legendary blaster to work soon! Excited to open all them crates and play some matches, thanks for all the hard work you're putting in ✌️


nice team!




BANG BANG BABY! Looking forward to the road ahead.
!GIF pizza paryy

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Respect for all the people who create things here.
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Looking forward to having another game to play on Hive. Keep up the good work!