base64 encryption explained

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As you probably know, the SteemIt stores the images on AWS cloud servers. This is different from the texts (post content), which are stored in block-chain (e.g. lots of peer-to-peer nodes storing duplicate and immutable) contents.


You may find a recent post of mine a little concerning. Perhaps HIVE and STEEM witnesses should be. What the post contains is a base64 encryption of a photograph. The encrypted image resides on the blockchain. A copy will be on every witness server as we speak.

How was such a images encrypted?

Allow me to explain how it would be done under Linux, although it is able to be done on all Windoze boxes as well.

Coverting binary image to base64 and writing results to output.txt:

Let's take as an example an images of an anaconda. The following command will create the base64 encryption of the photograph and place it in the text file output.txt.

$base64 anaconda_PNG15.png > output.txt

Decoding the contents of output.txt and printing it to an image format:

$base64 -d output.txt > anaconda_PNG15_2.png

You will want to know the file extension of the encrypted photograph. In the example photograph in my post you will need to use the extension png JPEG.

There will be a 100 STEEM token reward (sorry trading all my HIVE for Monero at the moment) for the first user to post the decrypted photograph from my post to the comments of this post, below.

Happy decrypting!

Thank ya! Thank ya very much!




Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a winner!

Reward on route!

Screenshot from 2020-05-21 12-29-50.png

Thank ya! Thank ya very much!


Thank you!
I thought there was maybe something else as it identifies as jpeg format:

$ identify anaconda_PNG15_2.png
anaconda_PNG15_2.png JPEG 640x457 640x457+0+0 8-bit sRGB 43201B 0.000u 0:00.000

Oh dear it turns out to be a rigged contest. Well done for having the skills to expose it.🤓

Thank ya! Thank ya very much!


Oh, I see now. Looking forward to learning more.

The plan is to make a browser extension that does all the work of posting your photo album to the blockchain. No one need ever loose a selfie again. 😎


@blocktrades, no need for outside servers.

Yeah if an extension could convert the base64 on the fly one should, in theory, be able to surf and view pics on the chain so long as some tag alerted the browser extension.

Or, the front ends could do it?

Hadn't thought of that, although it would add some processing power to the operations. It seems minimal encoding/decoding one pic yet at high volume it could be costly.

Wouldn't it happen in my browser?

For the decoding to happen either the browser would need the ability to access the base64 encryption code available on most operating systems or use an extension work around. For Condenser to deliver it to the user would mean that it would have to unencrypt it for you is my feeling.

Still sounds better than paying a host.


this would have been fun but I would have had no way of knowing what I was doing LOLL

I would have cheated and asked for your help :D

Hopefully my example of how to do it with Linux would have helped. The plan is to code a browser extension (along the lines of KeyChain) that will post and read it from the chain, in base64 format, for you. The working title for it is the Doomsday Extension.